Jaypee Residency Manor at Mussoorie is where
your romance with the mountains begins with
a 360 degree breathtaking view of the mighty
Himalayas. Spread over nine acres of lush green
on a hilltop, Jaypee Residency Manor, your
own paradise, is a tribute to the majesty and
Guest Room
splendor of Mussoorie "the queen of hills". With
135 elegant rooms, the hotel has offerings for
every lifestyle with extensive leisure facilities
Traditional Indian weddings last a week, and start with pre-
wedding ceremonies. Haldi is a ritual holy bath during which
and creative cuisine.
turmeric (Haldi), oil and water is applied to both the bride
and groom by married women. This is followed by Mehendi
In a perfect relationship with nature, The
ceremony, during which the bride's hands and feet are decorated
Terrace Gardens and The Ball Room with a
with intricate patterns of Henna. On a lighter note, it is believed
that,deeper the color of the mehendi (henna) stronger is the
capacity of upto 500 guests, offer spectacular
groom's love for the bride. With foot tapping music and dance,
outdoor and indoor venues for the wedding
this `ladies-only' party lends a break from the otherwise more
ceremonies. An elongated driveway presents a
ritualistic ceremonies.
beautiful entry for the baraat.