5 Fun Weekend Ideas for Your Family- Resorts Near Delhi NCR

5 Fun Weekend Ideas for Your Family- Resorts Near Delhi NCR
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Spending a weekend in resorts near Delhi NCR with your family doing all sorts of fun things is something that can truly rejuvenate and energize you. Given the times that we live in, with all the running around, the stress and being hard pressed for time leaves very little bandwidth for the people who really matter the most to us.

So here’s a plan we propose. How about spending an entire weekend away from everything else and just with your family. Switch off from the world and create joyful memories with those who you love the most. Sounds like a plan doesn’t it?

5 Fun Weekend Ideas For Your Family – Resorts Near Delhi NCR

So here’s the destination we think will be perfect for your weekend getaway. We are talking about the Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort in Greater Noida & also considered as the best resorts near Delhi NCR. For starters, it is absolutely accessible and you will not need to spend a lot of time travelling. Secondly, the property is stunning with all the possible amenities and activities available within the premises itself so you don’t have to bother about going anywhere. Thirdly, you will feel like you are spending time in the lap of nature with everything around you being extremely green and beautiful. Need we say more?

Now coming to our list of 5 fun weekend ideas for your family in resorts near Delhi NCR. Here’s what we think will make your weekend perfect with the family:

Spa treatments: The Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort, hotel in Delhi NCR is home to the globally renowned Six Senses Spa. The Six Senses Spa in Noida in collaboration with famous Thailand based chain of the same name offers therapies and treatments for the entire family. This can be a fabulous way of spending time with the entire family. Each one of you can indulge in the treatment that you like and come out refreshed and absolutely rejuvenated.

family in resorts near Delhi/ NCR - 5 Fun Weekend Ideas for Your Family- Resorts Near Delhi NCR

Pool Time: How can we miss the pool when talking about 5 fun weekend ideas for your family in resorts near Delhi/ NCR. The property has a fantastic pool that one can literally spend an entire day in. Chilling at the poolside with the family is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. For those who don’t know swimming the shallow side of the pool serves as the perfect yet safe spot to go dipping. Sounds like fun, right?

Dining: So, here’s the thing. The resort has seven different dining options and a fantabulous fun activity to do is to spend an entire day checking these out. One can start with breakfast at Xpectation, then move on to some afternoon drinks and a scrumptious lunch at either, Paatra, La Brezza, Enoteca or Ano-Thai. Follow this up with a game of golf or some exercise at the fitness centre to burn up the calories. End the evening at the lounge bars either, Matrix or the Churchill. A complete and very fun day with the family is what you will experience.

Golfing: With a lavish golf course in there, the property is literally heaven for golf enthusiasts. For those who know how to play, the day can be spent golfing around. For those who are beginners and learners, there is the facility of learning too. This makes for a well rounded few hours that the entire family can spend together. In fact, talking about 5 fun weekend ideas for your family in resorts near Delhi NCR, learning a new sport can not only be a fun bit also lead to some great memories.

Doing nothing: Well, need we say more? Sometimes the most fun is had when one is not doing anything at all. Spending a couple of days with the family at a property where one can just hang around and unwind without getting into any sort of grind can be a great fun thing in itself. Never undermine the power of giving your mind and body a complete switch off and just vegetating with your loved ones. You will be surprised at the good times you will discover and re-discover.

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