Mussoorie as the “Queen of the Hills” has a lot going for it. The aura and aesthetics of the mountains come alive in the lush forests, the stunning views and a kind of old-world charm that truly feeds the soul of the peace-loving traveller. Located at a height of 2005 meters and nestled in the foothills of the grand Garhwal Himalayan ranges, this lovely and very inviting travel destination doesn’t disappoint on any front.

Pitching Mussoorie as the next pit-stop on your travel itinerary is easy to do. There are a number of good reasons to pick from and we’ve detailed the top five ones below for you:

Perfect peace getaway:

Given the times, there is nothing that hasn’t been taken over by rampant commercialization. In Mussoorie however, you’ll still get some respite and manage some peace and quiet, especially if you go for the long nature walks in the wilderness. The true beauty of the mountains can be experienced by going a further up from the main town and soaking in the tranquility that nature has on offer. It a boon to the senses and leads complete rejuvenation of the mind.

Perfect tourist getaway:

So, on hand you have the silence and the peace but on the other hand there is also lots to do. This works for those people who really want some action even during holidays. Depending on what one likes, there are walks to be taken at the Mall road, Gun Point- the second highest spot in Mussoorie, a visit to LalTibba for a majestic view of the Himalayas or the fun and picnic time at Kempty falls. All of this and more will mean a fabulous, fun-filled holiday.

The food lovers’ paradise:

Food forms an integral part of travel and on that front too, there is so much to explore in Mussoorie. Upwards from main Mussoorie and en-route to LalTibba is Char Dukaan, a small stretch with four shops selling great food and offering even better atmosphere. This spot is the epitome of mountain food paradise with great energy, excellent vibe and really delicious food on the menu. And the there is Doma’s Inn, the awesome Tibetian Diner. Not to be missed at any cost.

Something for the literary lover:

For those who love books, Mussoorie holds a special charm, as this is where the legendary writer Ruskin Bond now resides. For the uninitiated, Mr. Bond pays a visit to the Cambridge Book Depot at the Mall every Sunday evening and it is here that scores of fans get a chance to have a face- to-face interaction with their idol. Now, if that isn’t a great reason to visit Mussoorie, we don’t know what is.

Accommodation galore:

When it comes to luxury accommodation, the Jaypee Residency Manor ticks all the right boxes and how.  The hilltop location, the top -notch facilities, excellent service, food, beverage variety and finally the spa, make the Manor the best hotel in Mussoorie hands down. Staying at this location would mean adding that additional sparkle to your trip. While Mussoorie has many accommodation options to offer, the Jaypee property offers the best value for money. Imagine, tucking into the comforts of a fabulous bed after a long day out, or waking up to the stunning views from the balcony. What more can one ask for? A trip to Mussoorie is an experience to savor, one that will stay etched in your memory for a long time to come.

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