6 Questions One Need to Ask While Touring Destination Wedding Venues

Destination Wedding Venues

Destination weddings are the talk and trend of the present season and are also considered to be one of the safest routes for corona weddings. As people are forced to include a set number of guests for the complete wedding, they are preferring to do it on a location which is sufficing to all the budget, weather and safety requirements of both the parties.

For a destination wedding, an informed decision is a good one. Therefore, we are stating here some of the most important questions one needs to ask while booking your best wedding venue for your big day. The questions are:

  • What Services & Stock Do One Have In-House That Can Be Used? Asking questions on your tour about what the property does and does not provide is essential. It helps in selecting a place that fit within the budget and requirements. It also makes it easy for all to design a day everyone would love and enjoy.
  • What are the Back-up Plans? Look out for venues and locations with few effective back-ups plan in case the initial ones didn’t work. Like in case of uncalled rains, look for hotels/resorts with both indoor as well as outdoor venues.
  • What Are the Commutation Options? The hotel/resort with the festivities should be well-connected with the local facilities and places. It helps the guests and vendors to manage and execute things in an efficient manner.
  • What’s the Location’s Weather At the Time of Wedding? Take the advice of the local regarding the weather during that time. It helps in managing the events in a more refined and informed manner.
  • Do the Hotel Allow Outside Vendors or They Use In-house Vendors? Be diligent in asking if the venue has a preferred vendor list that you must book services from or you have the freedom to bring your favourite teams in from home.
  • What are the Terms and Conditions of the Hotel? It’s important to understand the terms and policies of the hotel beforehand. It is also critical in managing the budget, events, travel and guests for the wedding.

Mussoorie can be a very refreshing and rejuvenating place for your destination wedding as well as honeymoon. It is the best hill station for organising your memorable big-day and various other events with great pomp and show. Jaypee Residency Manor, the best among the hotels in Mussoorie, is ready to provide you with an exquisite and memorable experience with our impeccable hospitality and safety standards. We are one of the best wedding resorts in Mussoorie surrounded by picturesque and serene Himalayas. Our hotel is also one of the famous choices for honeymoon couples.

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The hotel offers rooms and suites, each having a serene view for the guests. Delectable national and international cuisines form the core of the menu offered to the guests. Various other indoor and outdoor venues form the core of all selection criteria, and we are delighted to provide you with the best of everything. Visit our website for booking details and other information.

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