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7 Things You Skip About Wedding Planning

by jaypee_moderator   ·  3 years ago   ·  
7 Things You Skip About Wedding Planning
Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a tedious and well-planned job, which can take up to months of planning and arrangements. It requires a well-sorted checklist in order to make it a success. From hidden costs to budget alignment, there are many factors that one need to consider while planning the wedding. Let’s see to some of the points that one might not know about wedding planning.

  • Planning a Wedding Is A Lot Of Hard Work: Planning a successful and enjoyable wedding needs planning of vendors, ceremony decorations, making a lot of calculations and fixing a lot of problems. It may also include some serious manual labour such as carrying stuff, hammering nails, decorating in-house stuff etc.
  • The Budget Can Escalate Quickly: In-spite of planning things way ahead, and in a planned manner, the costing of the wedding will always exceed the budget. Therefore, one should take miscellaneous expenditures into considerations from the start itself.
  • There Will Be Additional Costs: Organising your wedding may include some hidden costs you did not anticipate while setting up the budget. These can include pre-wedding pampering, additional stationery, delivery fees, attire for pre-wedding parties and extra meals for wedding vendors. Thus, in case of any package, don’t shy away from asking for additional costs.
  • There May Be Hidden Planning: In case of a destination wedding, one need to be ready with a plan B in case of any glitch with the actual one.
  • Provision of Detailed Maps & Directions: One must be discreet in mentioning the details of the venue with maps and directions for the convenience of the guests. Also, try to mention the parking availability in the venue.
  • Time Can Pose a Fight: The time will be tight on the D-day, and you should thus, plan things taking the factor into consideration. Be a little strict and start early to do things on time.
  • Don’t Panic: Even after so much planning and preparations, there will be something or the other that might go wrong, and one shouldn’t panic in such cases. Maybe you will have to alter a few things or lower your expectations, but it will all work out in the end.

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