Best Luxury Wedding Destinations & Venues in India

Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie Luxury Wedding Destinations & Venues

Indian weddings are known for their flamboyance and over the top grandeur. And, why not? For  Indians, weddings signify the union of two souls and this surely demands a grand celebration. So, with the wedding season around the corner, we at Jaypee Hotels & Resorts bring to you the best luxury wedding destinations & venues in India.

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Agra – The City of Love 

Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Centre, Agra for Luxury Wedding Destinations & Venues

Agra, a name that evokes a spectacular image of the Taj Mahal, truly signifies a source of eternal romance in one’s mind. No wonder, the city is one of the top wedding destinations in India. Agra continues to showcase remnants of the glorious Mughal era and this old-world charm adds a dash of eternal romance to your celebrations. With so many couples celebrating their day of love in Agra, many exquisite wedding venues and banquet facilities are on offer in this historic city, needless to mention that the most exotic of all being Jaypee Palace Hotel and Convention Centre, Agra. Also, Agra has many exquisite monuments dotting its cityscape with each one being a perfect picture frame for your wedding shoot.

Delhi – The City of Desi Fervor

There is no better city than Delhi to host a quintessential “Desi Wedding”. The capital city offers a range of wedding venues that suit your wedding needs. From high-end banquet halls to quaint outdoor wedding venues, Delhi has something or the other each time to match your preferences. Moreover, the famous bazaars of Delhi is all that you need to hit for fulfilling your shopping fervor. From elaborate wedding cards to glamorous lehengas, Delhi’s markets offer you a medley of colorful things that create a riot in an otherwise dull bazaar which is always waiting to find a handful of customers. Planning a Fairytale wedding in the capital city? Get ready to witness the best of the banquet halls in Delhi NCR that is known for its rich heritage and culture thus providing the perfect backdrop for a glistening fairytale wedding.

If you are planning a destination wedding here, do look up our services at Jaypee Siddharth and Jaypee Vasant Continental for a five-star wedding destination in Delhi. The warmth and hospitality of Jaypee Hotels & Resorts in Delhi will definitely win over your heart and enamor your guests.


Mussoorie – The Queen of the Hills

Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie for Luxury Wedding Destinations & Venues

If you think hill stations are only ideal for getting away from the summer heat then think again! Mussoorie is one of the best hill stations in India and a perfect destination wedding hot spot. The imposing hills of Mussoorie is the ideal place for intimate and sophisticated wedding gatherings wherein the coolness of the air juxtaposed with the warmth of the colonial style hotel, makes for a formidable combination. The mighty clouds and the pleasant climate infuse your events with a romantic fervor. From pre-wedding shoots to hosting sanctimonious wedding rituals, the hills of Mussoorie provide perfect wedding venues for all your events. Contact Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie for organizing a five-star destination wedding atop the Queen of the Hills.

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