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Discover New Dimensions of Mixing Leisure with Business Travel: Jaypee Vasant Continental

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Discover New Dimensions of Mixing Leisure with Business Travel: Jaypee Vasant Continental

The demands in the luxury travel space have diverted from expensive travel to exclusive travel. Luxury travellers want transformative moments that resonate deeply with their ideas of personal fulfilment. They look out for their innermost motivations during the travel period and move above just happiness and contentment. Their plans and lists revolve around focusing more on personal goals and immersive experiences.

To keep up with the demands of today’s travellers, the hospitality industry has also transformed its services and has been providing personalisation in all the offered products. Let’s see at some of the key areas that travellers of today look forward to.

Luxury Relativism

The luxury travel segment has been diversified into wider segments based on the diversity of consumer’s psychology. They are bifurcated by personal interests, behaviour and motivation. It’s important in today’s time for people to relate to the luxurious experiences and environment to enjoy them.

Curation of Personalised Journey

Loyal customers of today look for personalised connectivity before, during and after travel. Thus, not only physical hospitality is taken into count but also virtual one as well, which includes various facets like better online content platforms, emails, end-to-end messages, etc. Thus, the complete journey should be fine-tuned to irresistibly and permanently engage the customers.

Nationwide & Worldwide Accessibility: Social media is influencing travel decisions for people nowadays. People are sharing their experiences, trips, routines, etc., on the internet and they seek access from people through these networks. The hospitality and travel industry are leveraging hugely on this user-generated content. Hotels and resorts that are better at cross-channel connectivity are driving humongous business towards themselves.

Meaningful Hospitality

There has been an exponential surge of people’s interest in wellness and health, along with travel and fun. There is a growing demand among luxury travellers for more meaningful experiences along with wellness routines and opportunities for personal growth. Modern luxury travel, in limited words, is about intangibles.

Alignment of Brand Essence

People today are looking for brands that have an uncompromising commitment towards excellence and limitation. They look for names that make the decisions of their extension and expansion based on the long-term protection of the brand and the health of the business. They prefer brands which do not look for chasing the immediate gratification of fast profits at the expense of sustainable growth initiatives.

Jaypee Vasant Continental is just the right place for these kinds of travellers and provides them with all these requirements, apart from various other unique experiences and environments. We provide an exquisite blend of business and pleasure and offer our customers with utmost luxury, comfort and hospitality. The abundant sweep of greenery sprawled across the entire hotel makes it extravagantly noticeable. Our hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Delhi and helps you relax and rejuvenate in luxury and serenity. For booking details, call us at +91-11-2614 8800, +91-11-4600800 or email at  

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