Explore Places Near Mussoorie while Staying at Luxury

Let’s explore places near Mussoorie you can visit on a family holiday while staying at Jaypee resort in Mussoorie !!

Luxury holidays are the best kind and there are no two ways about that. While they might seem a little heavy on the pocket on the face of it, the real value lies in the experience that a luxurious holiday is able to deliver. It’s never really the same as a budget Mussoorie trip. The feel-good factor is extremely high and if that’s not what vacations should be made up of then what else?

So what can top a luxury holiday? The answer is rather simple- a luxury holiday in the mountains. Places Near Mussoorie is the perfect mountain destination and offers a fantastic blend of luxury and perfect mountain charm.

When looking for 5-star resorts in Mussoorie, your search should and will end with the Jaypee Manor. Designed as a true tribute to the hills, this property not only offers 360 stunning views of nature but also delivers on the hospitality quotient at a very high level.  The comfort and service on offer are par excellence.

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Where to go:

There are a number of places near Mussoorie that can be explored even over a perfect short trip. Here’s a quick itinerary that we have rounded up for you-Kempty Falls

15kms out of main Mussoorie are Kempty falls and once closer you can get to them either by walking or by taking a cable car. The falls are naturally beautiful and an idyllic spot to spend time with family or friends. The food stalls are a big draw and there are provisions made for changing rooms etc that allow people to have a blast in the water. The water and the greenery along with the overall pleasant environment make for a great exploration opportunity.

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Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is actually in Landour, the cantonment town upwards of Mussoorie. A must on every Mussoorie sightseeing list simply because of the majestic views it offers of the Himalayas, Lal Tibba also is the perfect backdrop for some stunning pictures. There are some food stalls offering yummy food and a walk around the mountain can lead one to Char Dukaan, the iconic cluster of four to five shops that has occupied the pride of place in this area for decades. Stop here for a quick meal, beverage or just to take a picture. You will not be disappointed.

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Cloud’s End

This one is considered the geographical end of Mussoorie. Cloud’s end also has a resort and is a nature lovers delight. The best thing to do here is to take a long walk in the forest and admire the Oak and Deodar trees. The perfect spot for those seeking some solitude away from the din, Cloud’s end is one of the most alluring places to explore around Mussoorie. The almost 2000acre green cover is a sight for sore eyes.


Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Another great spot right outside of Mussoorie is the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary.  Pretty approachable at about 11kms out of library point, the sanctuary is home to many birds such as The White Capped Water Redstart and the Red Billed Blue Magpie. If you are lucky you can also spot some animals including panther, deer, Himalayan goat and even a leopard at times.


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