How to Plan a 2-Day Weekend Trip to Mussoorie from Delhi

Weekend Trip to Mussoorie from Delhi

Are you one of those people who think that two days are not enough to visit and enjoy Mussoorie? If yes, then think again. While we will admit that the queen of hills warrants your attention much longer to be able to enjoy it with leisure and pleasure, even it’s just the weekend trip to Mussoorie you can spare there are ways to make it count.

Lets Start with weekend trip to Mussoorie

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With some pre-planning and research, it is possible to get the most out of the lovely destination and not feel like you have just skimmed the surface. In fact a number of hotel packages in Mussoorie tend be two days and these are great weekend trip to Mussoorie to explore if one wants something pre-designed.

On the other hand, there is the option of planning weekend trip to Mussoorie on your own and that is exactly what we are going to help you do:

When to go:

Winter is a great time to go if you prefer mountains in the cold. Plus, there is the incentive of experiencing snowfall if you are lucky. Ideally however, between April and July is a good time to go. The summer temperatures are moderate and way cooler than what you have in the plains. Better to book accommodation before hand as hotels in Mussoorie get taken up very quickly in the peak season.

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How to go:

If you are going from Delhi or anywhere in North India, driving is a good option. One thing to remember is that about 35 kms beyond Dehradun is a hilly drive and it’s important to have a vehicle that can be driven on the mountains. Also, the driver needs to be comfortable driving in the hills. A better option is to take the train to Dehradun station and then take a cab (which is very easily available) to Mussoorie.

Where to stay:

hotels in Mussoorie - Jaypee Hotels

As we mentioned, book your stay before you get here. There are many hotels in Mussoorie to suit almost all kinds of needs and budgets. You can research and choose one that suits and book Mussoorie hotel online or by calling the hotel. Most of the hotels offer best price when you book the stay through their own website.

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What to do:

This is the most important part of your itinerary. To make sure that you do not miss out on any experiences in the two days that you are there, it is better to have a general sense of what all you can do and then choose the best options that are doable. Here is how we would suggest you go about it:

Once you reach Mussoorie and are settled in your hotel, take a stroll to the Mall Road. The Mall is all things hill station and literally the heart and soul of Mussoorie. With shops, restaurants, local fare, old buildings, 90’s style video gaming parlors and skating rink, a walk down mall road is the best way of introduction to Mussoorie.

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Gun Hill Point - Weekend Trip to Mussoorie from Delhi

While there, you can visit Gun Hill Point accessible both by walking up or through the cable car. What you get on top are mesmerizing views of Himalayan ranges and hence this is the perfect spot for taking some stunning pictures.

From here you can visit the Happy Valley and the Tibetan Buddhist Temple. Starting from the west side of library point, Happy Valley leads to Cloud’s end. Happy Valley is a Tibetan settlement and home to the very famous Tibetian Buddhist temple.

Having done enough on Day 1, the ideal way is to start very early on Day 2 and head to Lal Tibba. LalTibba is the highest point in Mussoorie, beyond the cantonment town of Landour and is one of the most picturesque spots one can find. An excellent way to experience LalTibba would be to go and watch the sunrise and then come back to Char Dukaan for a lovely breakfast of tea and pancakes.

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Kempty Falls - Weekend Trip to Mussoorie from Delhi

Once back, there are two options to spend the rest of the day. You can either head over to Kempty Falls for a picnic or go and explore the forest area and the wilderness around Cloud’s end. Depending upon what your preference is, one can choose accordingly. Most hotel packages in Mussoorie have Kempty falls as part of the itinerary but Cloud’s end is no less gorgeous. Since both of these are to be driven too and need time to be explored, it might be evening by the time you get back. Head to mall road for a scrumptious dinner and get a restful night’s sleep thereafter.

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