When looking for the perfect accommodation in Mussoorie, The Jaypee Residency Manor fits the checklist on all accounts. In fact, staying at the Manor will enhance the trip and bring value that will help make the visit a memorable one.

Tall claim it seems but not so. Here are a few very good reasons why:


Located on a hilltop with three sixty-degree views of the Himalayas, the Jaypee Residency Manor offers stunning imagery that captures the heart and soul of Mussoorie. The hotel is positioned at a height of approximately 7000 feet and this strategic location helps capture the surroundings in all their glory and splendor. Staying at the Manor means that as a guest you have all this beauty engulfing you at all times.

Perfect accommodation and facilities:

One of the USP’s of the group is due diligence being given to accommodation and service facilities. The state of the art facilities and top-notch services make The Residency Manor the best 5 star hotel in Mussoorie and that is a position that stays unchallenged. The ambience is a blend of antiquities and modernity, the facilities and services are unmatched and the luxury on offer is of extremely high standard, all points that add to the credit list of the hotel.

The Food:

Always a critical proposition that can make or break a hotel, food at the Jaypee Residency Manor is taken very seriously. There are five different food pit stops within the property and this is topped by 24 hour room service. Exotic flavors of the Regency, the magical ambience of the Marshal’s Lounge, the contemporary vibe of the Café Manor and the sweet propositions of the Old Baker- all have a significant and unique charm of their own. A great idea is try each one and revisit when the pangs set in again.

The Spa:

Of course, not to be missed and one of the best reasons that make The Jaypee Residency Manor in Mussoorie a perfect weekend getaway is the spa and salon called Tamaya. The great stress reliever, Tamaya is the rejuvenation clinic that offers a number of healing therapies and treatments that help alleviate the mind and the body all at once. If traveling over the weekend, spending time at the spa can let one forget the noise, din and shackles of everyday life and lead to a pampered existence that will cast a magical spell. Not a bad deal at all, is it?


A hotel that offers excellent recreational facilities like a pool table, live music during the evenings, a great pool and even a kid’s play room- what more can one ask for? It’s all in within the property and ready to be explored and experienced.

Talking about five star hotels in Mussoorie, the Jaypee Residency Manor is on top of the list and the reasons above contribute to that. Whether its’ a quick weekend away or a long planned holiday, there is nothing that is not available at this property. A best possible mix of eclectic charm, stunning beauty that is captured from all angles and facilities that are unmatched, this property has no other contender coming close.

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