Let’s face it- choosing accommodation is the single-most critical and determining factor when taking a trip. No matter what the reason for leaving home might be, a personal vacation, a family trip, work, a weekend getaway- where one is going to stay remains the top decision to make. And an extremely critical one at that.

Great accommodation can totally make the trip and on the downside, a bad stay can completely ruin the same.There are lots of pointers that can help make the right decision- facilities on offer, location, service record and overall ambience being a few.

When looking for luxurious hotels and places to stay near a touch of elegance, we have a few of our own contenders to offer:

Residency Manor, Mussoorie:

Luxury personified is what the Manor is. And with a 360 degrees view of the Himalayas added to that, there is nothing more left to add. Blending stunning views with a serene ambience, unmatched hospitality combined with extremely personalized service, this property is one of its kinds. The mountains bring out the soulful in most of us. It is here at the Residency Manor in Mussoorie that that feeling is enhanced and nurtured. The views inspire poetry and the facilities offer comfort, together making for an experience that is all consuming and enriching at the same time. The fabulous food is an added bonus.

Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort:

Ever wondered how you can getaway from the city by not having to drives away miles from it? The Greens Golf and Spa resort is the answer to that. It’s the perfect place to stay when looking for some rejuvenation as well as sport thrown in. The designer golf course is brilliant and extremely well designed. Can’t get better than that, can it? Ideal for a short stay or a long drawn holiday where one can unwind and recuperate, the charm lies in seeing such greenery, the great food, super luxurious amenities and the great service on offer. Don’t miss it.

Jaypee Vasant Continental:

The Vasant is our tribute to luxury and modernity combined and at it’s best. It’s lies bang in the center of the city and the challenge we have navigated here is to make it less typical and more lifestyle. Clearly one of ours as well as India’s best boutique hotels, what you’ll get is a cosmopolitan feel, great accessible location coupled with artistic elegance and a sense of great comfort. It’s greener than any other 5 star hotel in Delhi, something we have pointedly developed keeping in mind that eventually what we want is for our guests to confer and convene in a relaxing environment.

Jaypee Palace, Agra:

The Mughal influence is visible everywhere at the Jaypee Palace in Agra and naturally so. Regal and charming are the two words that are frequently associated with this property. Laden with walkways, water bodies and providing luxury and comfort that is unprecedented and unrivaled, this lavish palace hotel brings together history and progression to create an ambience that is rich and comfortable at the same time. That, according to us is a tough at to match. No matter what the duration of the stay is, personal attention from the staff, cuisine that enthralls and beauty that evokes awe are benchmarks are consistently met here.

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