Measures Taken to Conduct Events Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

It has been a massive jolt on the hospitality industry in India due to COVID19. The subsequent lockdowns have significantly slowed the overall growth rate. Faced by unprecedented impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the experts have started the implementation of ways to take the road towards recovery.

With life slowly getting back to normal, people have also started reinitiating the various events and functions, which were postponed due to the pandemic. But with the drastically changed scenarios in terms of safety and social distancing guidelines, hospitality sector is taking all required safety measures to provide memorable experience.

The following measures are being taken to make these events enjoyable, worry-free and secure.

  • Crowd density control
  • Safety protocols on how will the people interact with each other and their surroundings
  • Health check-up of staff and attendees
  • Implementation of sensible control and prevention measures accordingly

How Jaypee Hotels plan the events in its various 5-star banquet halls in Delhi?

Jaypee Hotels is one of the best 5-star hotels in Delhi/NCR with the best luxury banquet halls in Delhi. We have implemented stringent and diligent practices and changes to reduce COVID-19 risks. Some of the techniques which we have implemented are:

  • Smaller guest lists with strict rules of social distancing for seating and service process
  • Thermal screening at the entrance
  • Entrance, exits and powder rooms dealt with extra care and cleaning as per fssai guidelines
  • Aarogya setu app with green signal is mandatory
  • Disposal items being preferred
  • Kitchen and service staff trained as per fssai

Jaypee Hotels has been throughout careful with the safety of its guests and staff members. The management of our hotel has worked hard to induce plans for worry-free and enjoyable gatherings. With every step towards the normal living, we have implemented certain steps to ensure the smooth and safe functioning of events at our luxury banquet halls in Delhi. Some of the implemented pointers are:

  • Increasing awareness of good personal hygiene and effective handwash among staff and attendees. All this is done through media, messaging, signage, staff awareness, and communication.
  • Making warm-running water, soap and hand dryers readily available.
  • Providing sanitizers and masks around the event spaces.
  • Increasing the cleaning regime to include contact surfaces within the event spaces.
  • Designing event spaces and timing to reduce crowd densities, minimise congestion and peak time public transport usage.

Jaypee Hotels is one of the most trusted and leading 5-star hotel brand in Delhi/NCR, incorporating all the necessary precautions and safety measures against COVID19 pandemic. We are extra cautious and conscious regarding the health and safety of our guests.

Even in this unprecedented time with the right awareness and practices #togetherwecan win.

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