Perfect Short Trips in Delhi for This Weekend

Perfect Short Trips in Delhi for This Weekend

Perfect Short Trips in Delhi – There are times when finding the time to take off and leave the city for a break seems almost impossible. There is always so much to do and even getting out for two days can seem like a hell of a lot. And if it’s just the weekend we are talking about, the travel time eats into the days considerably leaving very limited scope for exploration.

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Now that we have a painted this grim scenario, let us give us a great solution. We have one word for you: Staycation. A seemingly millennial concept, a staycation encompasses what one can safely call a break, but without having to leave the city. Let’s say you live in Delhi, all you do is look for one of the best 5-star hotels in Delhi, book your time into the best luxury services and spend two days relaxing and exploring your own city, something that you would not do normally.  Plan your next escape for Perfect Short Trips in Delhi.

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Planning a break can also take the fun of things sometimes. No problem, we have done some of the planning for you as well.

Here is a quick list of the perfect short trips in Delhi for this weekend:

Once you have checked in into one of the fanciest resorts in Delhi to start with, these are the things you can explore and do to make the most of your time.

Living in Delhi you may already be familiar with the popular hotspots but have you found the time to really enjoy them?

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Humayun’s tomb: Hands down the best monument in Delhi, not just for it’s beauty but also for the sprawling space it offers a green space within the center of the city. Go spend some time here exploring, reading a book or generally doing nothing.

ShahpurJat: ShahputJat market translates into books, boutiques, cafes and desserts. One can easily spend a couple of hours here, window-shopping, grabbing a lazy coffee with some cake or grabbing a delicious lunch. Not one to appear on the itinerary that 5 star hotels in Delhi create for their guests, this place is fast becoming the not so best kept secret of Delhi.

Art galleries: For those who love art, Delhi is a haven of almost ten art galleries that can be explored. For those, you are not into art that much, this is a good way of getting converted. Delhi Art Gallery and National gallery of Modern Art are two of the most popular once. A weekend trip exploring the culture that Delhi has to offer is not a bad idea now is it?

Walk in Lodhi Garden: One of the most beautiful and greenest spots in Delhi, Lodhi Garden holds a special place in the hearts of those who live in the city. But how often do you get to go and bask in the glory? The holiday weekend in the city is the perfect time to find a window and visit. Usually buzzing but not crowded, the vastness of the park accommodates a number of people without feeling stifled. A perfect weekend short trip in nature’s lap is worth its weight in gold.

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Spa treatment: Most resorts in Delhi offer a number of in-house spa and salon treatments. Make this a part of your itinerary as a short weekend trip within the city. Pamper and rejuvenate yourself, give you mind and body some TLC and be back in action to face the daily grind as it hits you.

To tell you the truth, there is a lot to do within Delhi to be covered in one weekend. A Perfect Short Trips in Delhi is a perfect way to explore would be take one weekend off every month within the city and experience and immerse oneself into what it has to offer.

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