Places to Visit in Mussoorie During Honeymoon – Jaypee Resort in Mussoorie

Places to Visit in Mussoorie During Honeymoon – Jaypee Resort in Mussoorie

Check out Places to Visit in Mussoorie During Honeymoon while staying at Jaypee resort in Mussoorie !!

Mountains are synonymous with romance and there are very few people in the world that will disagree with this statement. The hills have the ability to draw out love from a couple like no other destination can and for those who are inherently drawn to this, a honeymoon in the lap of nature can be a perfect choice.

When choosing a mountain destination Mussoorie, the queen of the hills tops the list for Places to Visit in Mussoorie. The beauty is breathtaking, and spending time in the foothills of the Himalayas with your loved one can be pure bliss. There are a number of places to visit in Mussoorie and some of them should definitely be part of your stay.

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Here’s a list that you can follow:

There are some Mussoorie hotel packages available that include an itinerary. If not, these Places to Visit in Mussoorie below are a must visit.

For accommodation, choose the Jaypee Residency Manor. It wins hands down for its strategic location and stunning mountain views. In addition to this, the manor has specially trained staff that offers hospitality at it’s best. There is a reason that the Manor is one of the best Luxury hotels and resorts in Mussoorie.

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That taken care of, spend time exploring:

Lal Tibba:

Lal Tibba - Jaypee Resort in Mussoorie

Truly non-commercial still, Lal Tibba, upwards of Mussoorie in Landour is one of the most popular spots. A gorgeous view of the Himalayas awaits you and so does an extremely relaxed environment. Nature walks around Lal Tibba leading to sister’s bazaar and a quick cup of coffee in LandourBakehouse can make for a lovely and very romantic afternoon. Stop by at Char Dukaan for a quick bowl of noodles or hot soup and your day is complete.

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Clouds End:

Clouds End - Places to Visit in Mussoorie During Honeymoon – Jaypee Resort in Mussoorie

This is technically considered the geographical end to Mussoorie, but really Clouds End is only about seven kilometres from the city and that isn’t too bad at all. Another nature lover’s paradise and fantastic for those who love treks and walks this almost 2000 acres Oak and Deodar forest create a massive green cover. Beautiful and refreshing, it’s another spot that evokes love and romance, the two basic and essential ingredients for honeymooning couples.

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Benog Wildlife Sanctuary:

This one is about 11 kilometres from Library Point but still interesting for those who like bird watching and the wildlife. Old-cedar trees and many medicinal plants growing in abundance along with pine trees will give a lot of happiness to a nature lover’s heart. Plus there are chances of spotting The White Capped Water Redstart and the Red Billed Blue Magpie, or a panther, leopard, deer, bear and Himalayan goats f you are very lucky.

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The Mall:

The Mall - Places to Visit in Mussoorie During Honeymoon – Jaypee Resort in Mussoorie

When in Mussoorie, you cannot miss the Mall. Resorts in Mussoorie recommend The Mall for pretty much everything like shopping, food, fun, gaming and just a stroll. The old world charm is very much preserved here but the modern flavour blends in too. The Mall is the ideal place to hang out and chill after a long day of sightseeing.


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