7 Prominent International Cuisines

International Cuisines

Different countries in the world call in for different foods and cuisines. With the ease of travelling to various countries, people have become well aware of the various international delicacies and varieties. They have become well-aware of the various unexplored terrains and cuisines of various continents and countries in the world. Now, people love experimenting with exotic food of national and international origins.

Making the various international food courses available to people in the comfort of their own country was a challenge a few years back. This was successfully achieved with flying colours with the expert chefs of various 5-star restaurants and boutique dining spaces. Talking about international cuisines let’s have a look at some of the famous world cuisines.

The top 7 famous cuisines in the world are:

  • Chinese: It is one of the most common cuisines we all are familiar with. Travelling from China till India, it has changed its form, taste and spices to a great extent. But people still lookout for authentic and exotic taste of the magical Chinese menu, a composite of distinct regional cuisines.
  • French: France and French cuisine hold a special place in our hearts. It consists of the cooking traditions and practices from France, cheese and wine being a major part of the cuisine.
  • Italian: Italian food is much more than cheese and pasta. It is incredibly diverse, with a few characteristics that tie it all together. It includes an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, and letting them speak for themselves without too much fuss.
  • Indian: Indian cuisine consists of a great variety of food, ranging from Mughlai to various other regional cuisines. It is one of the most varied cultured countries with umpteen dishes, each unique in its own for uses of spices and herbs in several forms. In short Indian cuisine is not a single cuisine but a collection of different regional cuisines; each is its own distinct Indian food.
  • Japanese: It has gained popularity among the foodies for its culinary aesthetics.
  • Thai: With Thailand being one of the most visited countries by Indians, Thai cuisine has successfully gained its popularity among the Indian masses.
  • Turkish: Turkish cuisine is a Middle Eastern culinary paradise with some of the dedicated and exquisite dishes accepted globally.

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