Explore 7 Places in Delhi Dilli Dilwalon Ki With Luxurious Stay

When it comes to Delhi, there is nothing one can say that hasn’t been said before. The saga of Delhi has been told time and again, the journey from the old walled city to the modern cosmopolitan, a city that merges history with progression, modern art with old culture, centuries-old street food with ultra-chic hip cafes and an umbrella charm that no one can stay untouched from.
Whether a visitor or a resident- the “Dilli Dilwalon Ki” adage is experienced by one and all. While the residents have their own daily journeys to tackle, it’s the visitor who likes to romance with Delhi. Love it or hate it, one thing you cannot do is ignore it.

When here, look at these seven places to explore, in order to make sure that the initial flirtation with the city turns into a full-blown love affair:

The Markets:

 The Markets
Depending on what you like, there is a market at every nook and corner of Delhi. Central is the best place to start with Connaught Place being the hub. No matter what you want, you will get it here. There’s a long line of great restaurants, old jewelry stores, antique bookstores, modern shops selling pretty much everything and the inner and the outer circles if you just fancy a walk. In short, lots to pick from.

The Tombs:

 The Tombs
Out of the many scattered around the city, one of the best ones to visit is Humayun’s Tomb. This is where the great Mughal Emperor Humayun rests and the 16th-century tomb with its architecture, both Mughal and Persian influences is an ode to the great king. The red sandstone is beautiful and the magnificence of the structure is breathtaking.

The Crafts Bazaars:

Delhi being the capital is lined with many culture shops and bazaars selling goodies that are symbolic of India but the most popular and diverse is Dilli Haat. Here you get the food from all over India as a bonus. Not to be missed.

The Museums:


The Museums

The National Museum is India’s largest museum and tracks the journey from the prehistoric era to modern day India extremely effectively. It’s home to almost every kind of history that one might be interested in- archeology, arts, textiles, food, and manuscripts to name a few.

The Food:

 The Food
This is the hardest to summarize. Delhi is a food lovers paradise, from street food to the gallis of old Delhi selling everything from paranthas to niharis, to the modern day but local cafes that have sprung up, to the Mughlai and North Indian restaurants- Delhi food is its heart and soul. And it requires a huge appetite to sample it all.

The Monuments:

 The Monuments
History is an intrinsic part of Delhi, the core and essence of what it stands for. Everything from the Lal Qila to the Qutub Minar to the India Gate is here, in all its glory and splendor each monument with a unique story of its own. Waiting to be explored and experienced.

The Gardens:


There are a few very popular ones, Lodi Gardens, Mughal gardens, Nehru Park, all make up the green cover of Delhi collectively. Worth a visit, if one is a nature lover.
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Above all, one can expect to be spellbound by the quintessential delicacies prepared by the Chef’s inspired from around the world.
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