Whether one is traveling for pleasure or work, accommodation is a critical piece to ensure that the experience is comfortable and optimal. Choosing a place to stay can vary on the type of trip one is taking but the reason to choose a good place always stays the same- in the case of business, to unwind after a hard day in the comforts of a luxury hotel and in the case of a holiday to maximize the enjoyment of the vacation.
Either way, there are certain key points to be kept in mind when picking the right place. One that caters to all needs and can be the haven that one revels in or retires to, depending upon the nature of the trip.
Here’s what to consider:
The room:
The room tops the list. The room has to be perfect. While the definition of perfect might vary for different people, there is certain indicative checklist that one can go by. Open, clean, beautifully furnished with no rickety and tasteless add-ons, devoid of odor are the basic points. Clearly, most five star hotels would take care of this anyway. Beyond this however, it’s also the comfort and feel good factor that a room evokes. When going through the list of amenities, look for things like value added services, wi-fi, kind of bedding etc. Better still, call and check what the available facilities are.
The service:
Truth be told, it’s difficult to assess the service of a place without having experienced it personally. That beings said, reviews and research can be helpful guidelines. Almost all five star accommodations in India and globally set a high benchmark for the service that they have to offer. It’s important to first set your own expectations with regards to what is it that you would like. Based on your needs, look for something that will then fulfill the same.
The amenities:
The additional amenities matter because whether you are on a holiday or out on work, you will end uputilizing most of these. In the case of a holiday, things like the pool, the spa, the restaurants and the entertainment options will likely top the list. In the case of work, a fitness center, access to uninterrupted wi-fi, working space apart from the room, a space for meetings (possibly a coffee shop) etc would make the list. Again, call and check with the hotel to get a better insight into their services.
The food:
A great luxury hotel will and should have great food options. This is extremely important and will matter on any kind of trip. Lousy food and bad quality can take the sheen off any great accommodation and while you’ll only know for sure once you’ve eaten there, even the availability of the types of cuisine, restaurant ambience and reviews can help take a decision.
The bathroom:
Unlikely contender on the “key points to consider when picking a lavish place to stay while on a vacation or a business trip” list but critical nonetheless. Most luxury hotels put as much care into the design and luxury parameters of the bathroom as they do into the actual room. A great luxury bathroom would include plush towels and robes, possibly a lovely bathtub, hi end showers and all basic amenities albeit of high quality. Check these out before taking the final call.
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