2 day Bike Trip to Mussoorie From Delhi Under INR 5000

2 day Bike Trip to Mussoorie From Delhi Under INR 5000

Heading to Mussoorie for a quick getaway? How about ditching the usual travel style and taking on something new?

In most cases a trip to Mussoorie from Delhi would mean traveling by road or by train. What we are suggesting, however, is that you do a bike trip instead of using a car. For bike enthusiasts, a road trip on the bike from Delhi to Mussoorie is the perfect way to capture the journey in all its glory and make a memorable trip out of it.

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2-day bike trip to Mussoorie from Delhi under INR 5000

This of course will not include accommodation unless you want to rest your back in a sub standard place. What we recommend is for you to give your body a neat reward by picking on property that will make up for all those hours on the road.

Starting out from Delhi, you can take the designated route to Dehradun. It is best to prepare for this in advance and do some research. Even if you are a seasoned biker, there will be tips that will come in handy especially for the last leg from Dehradun to Mussoorie which is about 37 kms of hills. Thus, it is really important that one is comfortable driving on the mountains. Also, your bike needs to be in top condition and fully serviced. This should be standard practice anyway for any trip on the road that you might want to undertake.

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Talking about a 2-day bike trip to Mussoorie from Delhi under INR 5000, you initial and first expense would be petrol or diesel, whatever it is that you might need. Depending on the mileage that your bike gives, fuel should cost you around 2000 to 2500.  This is not a bad deal at all. Of course you will need to factor in all the riding you are going to do once you are in Mussoorie. That being said, this amount should suffice for two days. For the most part, given that you only have a night a lot of your sight seeing and experience will come from the journey itself. You may not have enough time to move out of Mussoorie once you get in.

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Once you reach, hit the Mall Road for some old world charm. Laden with local food, shopping as well as a skating and a video game parlor this is where you should spend the first day exploring. Given you are on a tight budget the assumption here is that you will not be looking at too much shopping. What you can do though is go to Gun Hill point, which is accessible via walking from Mall Road. Stunning views of the Himalayas await you on top and this is one spot, which is a photographer’s delight.

On your 2-day bike trip to Mussoorie from Delhi under INR 5000, your other expense is going to be food. This is very easy as Mussoorie and the Mall has some fantastic local food with prices that are extremely economical. Little nook and corners have shops selling sandwiches, Maggi, soups, and north Indian food so even on a miniscule budget you will be okay and not go hungry. Depending on what you like, look for the shop that has the most locals. The food usually is the best in these joints.


Char Dukaan and LalTibba

On the second day, go up to Landour and explore Char Dukaan and LalTibba. Landour is the cantonment town upwards of Mussoorie and is much quieter. Here at LalTibba, you can view the mountains once again in all their glory and then take a walk around to land at Char Dukaan.

If you really want to pursue a 2-day bike trip to Mussoorie from Delhi under INR 5000 you will need to keep your wish list short. It’s very doable and will be loads of fun. All you need is the mindset and the aptitude to go for it.


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