3 Romantic Short Weekend Getaways Near Delhi That Every Couple Must Visit

3 romantic short weekend getaways near Delhi are the best ways to reconnect as a couple. Given the times that we live in and the high demands of everyday life on our time and attention sometimes it gets difficult to find quality time even whilst living in the same house.

Getting away for a quick getaway is doable and works wonders for giving that much needed boost to ones relationship.

We’ve created a list of three easy to reach destinations from Delhi/ NCR that can be perfect for the weekend.

3 Romantic Short Weekend Getaways Near Delhi that Every Couple Must Visit:




3 Romantic Short Weekend Getaways Near Delhi - Mussoorie tourist places

When it comes to romance, the mountains take the cake. There is nothing to beat the vibe of the hills and how being in the mountains can rekindle both intimacy and affection. Mussoorie is ideal as a weekend destination from Delhi and even three days can be more than enough. Very easy to get to, it’s just a 6-hour drive from the capital and another great option is to take the train to Dehradun and then a cab to traverse the balance 34kilometeres. When it comes to accommodation, stay at the Jaypee Residency Manor. Accommodation is both luxurious and super-comfortable. Staff is efficient and attentive, food is to die for and the view from the terrace will take the romance quotient to an all time high. Also, there is a lot to do in Mussoorie that can be achieved in two days. From the Mall to LalTibba, to Kempty falls, Gun Hill Point and Cloud’s End, you can take your pick. Or you could just stay in at the resort and relax.


Taj Mahal - places to visit in agra

Number two on our list of 3 romantic short weekend getaways near Delhi that every couple must visit is Agra. Again, easy to reach and very accessible but also because The Taj. Romance and the TajMahal go hand in hand and we really don’t need to pitch this one to you. Here too, a stunning Jaypee property awaits you. The Jaypee Palace Hotel and Convention Centre is your best bet to stay. When on a weekend getaway with your partner, where you stay really matters. It’s time that you have stolen away from the everyday grind and the last thing you want is for bad accommodation to ruin the mood. And mind you, that can happen. The Jaypee Palace Hotel at Agra is a stunning mix of historical architecture and modern charm. A beautiful environment can totally bring out the romantic mood and this can turn into a string of lovely memories created with your partner. Plus, there is a lot to do here too. The Taj being a starter, there is the Agra Fort, Sadar Bazaar for shopping, the great food and Johny Place for some delicious local food.

Greater Noida: 


3 Romantic Short Weekend Getaways Near Delhi - Jaypee Hotel Noida

Here’s the big question, what if you only have very little time and do not want to go anywhere far? Yet, you want to get some time out with your loved one. We have the perfect answer for you. Talking about 3 romantic short weekend getaways near Delhi that every couple must visit, we propose a two-day stint at the Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort in Greater Noida. Trust us, you will feel like you are in another world even without having gone to far. The resort, green and lush as it is, feels like you are in the lap of nature with serenity, beauty and comfort surrounding you. With the hustle and bustle behind you and your partner, romance takes top priority. There is a fantastic spa where you both can spend some time rejuvenating you body and mind, there are great dining options and a candlelight dinner can totally rock your world and there is a great pool to frolic in and spend some quality time together. Need we say more?

Our list of 3 romantic short weekend getaways near Delhi that every couple must visit is just that, short, achievable and effective. Choose one of these options today and bring the spark back into your personal life without too much ado. Enjoy!

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