Experience Lovely Weekend Trips Near Delhi NCR

Experiencing lovely weekend trips near Delhi NCR offers a tremendous advantage when it comes to taking weekend trips. There are a number of destinations that are easily accessible and offer a number of things to do, both of which can make for a lovely trip.

The choice of a weekend trip destination can be determined by many factors. It’s actually different things for different people. For some it’s the time that they have, for others it could just be the budget. That being said, choosing a destination for a weekend trip from Delhi is not the hardest to do.

To help you with this, we have picked up two that we believe are worthy of consideration and we’ve also given you reasons why:

Experience lovely weekend trips near Delhi NCR:


Experience Lovely Weekend Trips Near Delhi NCR

Why: Why Mussoorie, you might ask. Because it’s the mountains and let’s face it -mountains make for the best trips. Plus, it’s easy to get to both by road or by train. Mussoorie is about six hours drive from Delhi and if going by train, one can reach Dehradun and then take a cab which, takes about an hour and a half.  Easy and doable, with minimal travel time, there is enough time left for other activities & also the best weekend trips near Delhi NCR.

Stay: Our suggestion for a weekend trip that spells luxury and comfort is the Jaypee Residency Manor. With no stone left unturned to make sure that the guests are pampered and looked after, staying at the Manor will add value as well as fantastic memories to your holiday.

To do: To experience lovely weekend trips near Delhi NCR, the itinerary one creates for Mussoorie needs to include a trip to LalTibba, a walk down the Mall, exploring the fabulous Kempty falls and if possible adrive on to Cloud’s End and back.  A must visit is Char Dukaan on your way to LalTibba for a lovely breakfast or a scrumptious lunch. Cloud’s End is the literally the geographical end of Mussoorie and the stunning Oak and Deodar forest cover calls all nature lovers. A walk in the wilderness is a must for those who want toe experience proximity with nature. Being able to cover all of this in one weekend will feel like you have covered a lot made the most of your time there.


AGRA - Weekend Getaways From Delhi

Why: For those who are not mountain lovers, Agra is the other perfect weekend destination from Delhi / NCR. Again, very easy to get to from the Capital, one is left with enough time to explore and enjoy the destination. Of course, the fact that it is home to the iconic monument of love does nothing but add some more brownie points to our pick. Anyone who wants to experience lovely weekend trips near Delhi / NCR will agree that Agra is a solid contender because of all that it has to offer.

Stay: Traveling for the weekend can sometimes be a little hectic given that one is trying to pack a number of things into two days. A little bit of indulgence when it comes to accommodation does not hurt. That why we suggest you stay at the Jaypee Palace Agra and experience luxury and comfort at it’s best. The property is stunning and the hospitality is top notch. Coming back to a great hotel after a full day’s exploration helps take the fatigue away and that is exactly what you will get at the Jaypee Palace.

To do: Well, the fact that you are in Agra means you cannot give the Taj a miss. Even if you have been there before, a short stint is a given. Once that done, another fabulous spot to go and spend some time in is the Agra Fort. Hands down the second most beautiful structure in the city, the red sandstone monument is majestic and encapsulates a lot of historical value. Use a guide if you want to know the details and dog deep into history. Shopping at SadarBazzar, followed by a local means at Joney’s place will bring your trip to a full circle.

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