To those in India, Mussoorie need not be introduced.  To those visiting from overseas no written introduction will suffice. Called the quintessential “Queen of the Hills” it stands at a height of 2005 feet above sea level. Majestic in its beauty and charm, the destination needs an actual visit if one wants an immersive and complete experience.

A visit to Mussoorie can be a planned or a spontaneous one, simply because of extreme accessibility and ease to reach. When it comes to accommodation, five star hotels in Mussoorie are available with top-notch services as are slightly more economical options.

Once there through, the more critical thing is to have an itinerary that does justice to the trip and creates an all-inclusive experience that leads to a memorable visit.

To do that, your must-visit spots should include these below:


The most popular spot in Mussoorie, one of the reasons why LalTibba is special is because it’s still untouched by rampant commercialization. The fact that it provides a stunning view of the Himalayas is a close second. The relaxed environment, the enhanced freshness of being close to nature in it’s most undamaged form and the beauty and tranquillity make it one of the most exciting spots to visit close to Mussoorie. It’s not to be missed at any cost.

–        Benog Wildlife Sanctuary:

Not located in mainstream Mussoorie, the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is about eleven kilometres from Library Point but still a must-visit especially for those who are interested in bird-watching. Of course, the flora and the fauna, with lovely pines, old-cedar trees and many medicinal plants growing in abundance is also a good reason to explore the sanctuary. Apart from birds such as The White Capped Water Redstart and the Red Billed Blue Magpie, there are also animal species such as panther, leopard, deer, bear and Himalayan goats to be found.

–          Clouds End:

Technically the geographical end to Mussoorie, Clouds End is only seven kilometres from the main city. It’s a nature lover’s paradise and an ideal location for those who want to go on treks and nature walks. With 2000 acres of Oak and Deodar forest creating a massive green cover, Clouds End is a spot that will help soothe the nerves and refresh the senses. It’s secluded and away from the din of the main city and herein is where it’s excitement lies.

–          Gun Hill:

No matter where one is staying, whether it’s a five-star hotel in Mussoorie or a budget one, the staff will recommend Gun Hill too as a sure shot visit spot. More popular amongst photographers, simply because of the panoramic views it offers, the interest isn’t limited to just them. Even regular tourists find Gun Hill an interesting spot as it’s the second highest peak of Mussoorie and one can take a ropeway to get to it, which in some ways adds value to the experience.

Mussoorie has a lot to offer and while including these spots above will make the visit pretty exciting, there are others including The Mall, Kempty Falls, Company Garden and the lovely Mussoorie Lake that should also be factored in and visited in order to complete the experience.


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