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Memorable Weddings at Jaypee Hotels

Our 5 star banquet halls in Delhi at the Jaypee Vasant Continental and the Jaypee Siddharth are of the highest quality. These renowned wedding banquets in Delhi are managed by skilled professionals who provide exceptional hospitality and quality assurance that guests can rely upon.

Our luxury banquet halls in Delhi are located right in the heart of the busy metropolis that serves as our nation's capital. These luxurious banquet halls in Delhi have a collection of wedding essentials that exemplify the allure and privacy that are hallmarks of Indian weddings. Read More

Moreover, our strikingly designed properties offer a spa and wellness centre, in-house dining restaurants, luxurious accommodations, traditional banquet halls in Delhi for marriage, and various other facilities to ensure that our wedding guests have a wonderful time while attending one of our events.

Our marriage halls in Delhi overlook the beauty and charm of this great city. For events that are sure to be unforgettable, we personalize our services for each of our visitors and offer them irresistible services and charms at our state-of-the-art banquet halls in Delhi.

The Gastronomical Delight

Each Jaypee wedding hall in Delhi is home to executive chefs who have earned a reputation for creating unforgettable wedding feasts. The mouth-watering menus will take you on a gastronomy tour, with options ranging from regional specialities to cuisines worldwide.

Exclusive Wedding Boutique

The most crucial step in embarking on the incredible journey of your life is laying the most solid groundwork possible. Our specialized wedding planners at our marriage halls in Delhi with years of experience are ready to walk you through each stage of the planning process.

Glow Therapy

With the individualized spa treatments at our banquet halls in Delhi, you can get that radiant glow just in time for your big day. The experience is holistically therapeutic, helping you relax before the big day while providing you with the industry's best products, featuring only the purest extracts of natural ingredients. Read Less

5 star services to compliment your wedding

Beauty Rituals

Beauty Rituals

Beauty Rituals

Get that golden glow for your big day with our tailor-made spa experiences and journeys. With handpicked, highly trained therapists and best of the industry products featuring only the purest extracts of natural ingredients, the experience is both holistically therapeutic and is very personal thus helping you relax before the D-Day as well.

Creative Catering

Creative Catering

The wedding feasts are as legendary as the Executive chefs across all the Jaypee properties. The creative menus take you on a culinary journey with an array of options ranging from local to international cuisines.

Creative Catering
Wedding Boutique

Wedding Boutique

Wedding Boutique

We believe in creating the most wonderful foundation for what we hope turns out to be the most beautiful journey of your life. We have a team of specialist wedding planners with years of experience, to guide you at every step of the way.

Best Wedding Venues in Delhi

The variety of specialized services provided at Jaypee Hotels & Resorts, one of the best wedding venues in Delhi, makes a wedding there unique and memorable. You can unwind and enjoy the celebrations knowing that the skilled professionals at the best wedding venue in Delhi will care for all your requirements. We will ensure that your special day is everything you've dreamed of. Read More

The ideal setting provided by Jaypee Hotels and Resorts, one of the most renowned 5 star wedding venues in Delhi, guarantees a fusion of elegant traditional and modern pleasures.

Together, we can plan a wedding that honours the customs and practices of your family and community. Our luxury wedding venues in Delhi and wedding planners are all equipped to celebrate the richness of each culture from around the world and to assist you in hosting a wedding full of time-honoured customs accompanied by a rich heritage.

You can create a wedding story at our Delhi wedding venues for yourself that is both mesmerizing and traditional, and you can turn your lifelong dreams into a reality with us. We are here to help you plan spectacular wedding ceremonies with breathtaking locations, elaborate décor, and mouthwatering catering. Jaypee, one of the most reliable wedding venues in Delhi NCR, is an excellent choice for the wedding ceremonies you have dreamt of.

Our hotels will do everything they can to ensure your romantic finale is a grand occasion. Your planned photo shoot will be more refined and personal owing to our assistance in organizing it. At our one-of-a-kind wedding locations and accommodations, we can make just about anything happen for you, giving you a day filled with limited options.

We are aware that preparing a wedding is a laborious and meticulous endeavour that might require several months of preparation and the crafting of various arrangements.

When arranging a wedding, you need to plan, taking into consideration many things, from hidden charges to aligning the budget. Our wedding specialists at the chosen wedding venue in Delhi will handle this with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Select Jaypee Hotels and Resorts whether you are looking for ideal wedding venues in south Delhi or NCR, and you can be sure that it will be a fairytale par excellence. So get in touch with us to plan a memorable wedding. Read Less

Jaypee Vasant Continental

Because of its location in the heart of New Delhi's exclusive diplomatic enclave and its stunning poolside areas, Jaypee Vasant Continental is considered the ideal 5 star hotel in Delhi for wedding ceremonies.

The Jaypee Vasant Continental features one of the most impressive banquet halls in all of Delhi. It is fully stocked with everything you require to stage the wedding of your dreams.

The Jaypee Vasant Continental is the ideal marriage hotel in Delhi for your big day, thanks to its exquisite decor, quaint settings, and excellent services. You don't have to do anything except enjoy the celebrations as our professional and friendly staff will take care of your and your guest's needs.

It is one of the most trusted wedding hotels in Delhi. It allows you to host your sangeet and mehndi celebrations with a touch of glitz and glamour with a mesmerizing poolside venue. This pre-function space can hold up to 250 people.

Jaypee Siddharth

Suppose you are looking for a spacious wedding venue. In that case, the Jaypee Siddharth Hotel, the one of the most luxurious hotels in Delhi for weddings, should be at the top of your list. These wedding banquets in Delhi are the best places to organize your big fat Indian wedding and numerous wedding activities because of their potential to accommodate many guests.

Jaypee Siddharth has the perfect catering facilities for you to take advantage of. As a result, your guests will leave your wedding with happy memories and satisfied taste buds, and you will be glad to host the most memorable wedding.

If you are looking for 'hotels for wedding in Delhi', your search ends at Jaypee Siddharth. It can accommodate up to 600 people and is located in the middle of Delhi; it has a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that are both stylish and elegant.

In addition, the hotel provides its wedding guests with incredibly exquisite meals, contemporary set-ups ranging from traditional and classic to sophisticated and trendy, and individualized service, making it one of the most sought-after wedding hotels in Delhi.

Resorts for weddings near Delhi NCR

Suppose you are looking for a place where you can begin your new journey in the lap of nature, away from the hustle and clamour of the city. In that case, you have the ideal destination wedding venue near Delhi. The Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort in Greater Noida is the perfect place if you are seeking any resorts for wedding near Delhi that is both serene and opulent.

This wedding resort boasts some of the finest banquet halls in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). It is fully equipped with all the amenities to ensure your special day is perfectly planned and executed.

At this resort for wedding in Delhi-NCR, you have an incredible number of options for your wedding ceremony and reception, including indoor and outdoor settings. In addition, the resort's personnel are known for their exceptional hospitality, which will provide an air of friendliness to the magnificent celebrations you have planned. Because of its unlimited options and excellent service, it comes at the top of the list of resorts for wedding near Delhi.

We are confident you will discover your ideal banquet hall at Jaypee Greens to organize your dream wedding. Read More

The banquet halls at our grand resort for wedding in Delhi- NCR are the most excellent and well-equipped venues for all your celebrations.

The ambience and decor of our resort are both modern and classic, each one maintaining its elegance and grandeur. These venues include extensive banquet facilities, a perfect ambience for weddings, recreation, housing, dining options, and a spa.

Due to the breathtaking extravagant designs and world-class services, the happiest day of your life with your family and loved ones at our luxurious resort for marriage in Delhi- NCR, becomes a celebration filled with magical memories.

You can select The Ballroom, The Royal Ballroom 1, 2, 3, Maple, Oak, Cedar, The Royal Garden, or Lakeside Courtyard, depending on the number of guests you invite and your preferences. Read Less

Relish the best moments of your life

Engagement in Jaypee Hotel


Announce your love amongst magnificence of the Jaypee venues in a way that the world would never forget!

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows

Celebrate your togetherness with a traditional pooja & sacred rite at Jaypee Hotels.

Honeymoon hotels


Step into the most exciting part of your grand wedding with the perfect ambiance created by us.

Pre-Wedding Shoots Hotels

Pre-Wedding Shoots

How can your wedding be complete without an exciting pre-wedding shoot? Worry not, we have the Instagram-worthy venues ready for you.


Jaypee Residency Manor Mussoorie Testimonials

Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie

Paramjeet Singh Dhillon

The experience of having my daughter’s wedding at Jaypee Residency Manor is indescribable! All my guests couldn’t stop praising the décor and the food.

Jaypee Residency Manor Testimonials

Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie

Dhruv Kapoor

Excellent food, services and hospitality. We couldn’t have found a better venue than Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie!

Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort Testimonials

Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, Greater Noida

Anil Saharan

We are so happy to have chosen Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort for the wedding. The décor and the venue are so amazing.



We don't like to impose any 'restrictions' on our guests, just let our friendly staff at the venue know what you need and you will receive all the assistance you require. Sure, there are certain terms and conditions that we must comply with including logistics, legalities, local cultures, religions, and so on, but we can assure you that we will try our best to accommodate your requests as much as we can.

The payment, cancellation & refund policies are as per the venue booking. For details, you may contact our banquets & weddings team at the concerned venue.

We believe in inclusion, especially on joyous occasions such as weddings. Our venues are designed to accommodate all kinds of guests. Still, if you face any issues, our staff are ever-prepared to help you out.

For weddings & social functions, our properties are built in a sprawling area that is accessible to everyone and easy to reach by any kind of transport. For further details, feel free to reach out to our guest service executives at the venue to know about any public-restricted areas near/at your chosen location.

Yes, all Jaypee wedding venues provide decoration and catering facilities. The details of the same can be discussed with the Jaypee Wedding Team.

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