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7 Considerations When Choosing the Best MICE Venue for Your Next Business Event?

by jaypee_moderator   ·  2 years ago   ·  
7 Considerations When Choosing the Best MICE Venue for Your Next Business Event?

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, & Exhibitions are referred to as MICE. These events aim to bring together top experts from every area in a refined, customized hospitality atmosphere. And are an apt example of the finest form of business tourism.

A MICE event can involve a lot of organization and planning from the planner and host. There are numerous components, from setting a date to execution. 

In light of this, selecting the appropriate event host is crucial. It’s simple to get caught up in little details and neglect something important for the success of your meeting when you’re frantically looking for a conference site that fulfills all your requirements. 

Once you have selected the ideal location to assist you on your journey, these aspects may be enjoyable and stress-free. In addition, the staff will work with you to plan the logistics and specifics of the conference event once you have selected the location. 

Even though choosing the location is complex, the ideal location will help you once you are informed and are clear on what you need to be looking for. Before deciding where to have it, you must consider every aspect of the conference, including the venue, the amenities, and even the team you will be working with at Business Hotel in Delhi

Set A Budget

Before considering any venue possibilities, create a realistic budget for what you can afford. Then, depending on geography, you will immediately narrow your search options to different sites that will fit inside your event budget if you have a predetermined pricing range for the venue fee. 

Additionally, since other times of the week, month, and even year typically cost less than peak periods, being flexible with the date can be a fantastic negotiating weapon. Plan as far as possible to secure an excellent rental rate for the event venue of your choice. Moreover, you also need to find out whether there are any discounts or if the price can be negotiated. 

Place Of The Event

Ensure your venue location is accessible and advantageous if you’re organizing your event in a big city like Delhi. Make sure it is simple to reach and close to transportation options. No matter where they are located, your guests will find it easier to get there if it is closer to the airport and railway station. 

Of course, you also want to be in a place that is secure and attractive to be in! Even better if you can enjoy a beautiful view while hosting your meeting. Therefore, a 5-star business hotel in Delhilike Jaypee, is the perfect fit for your MICE requirements. 

Jaypee Vasant Continental, a reputed Business Hotel in Delhi, is 8 km from Domestic Airport, 12 km from International Airport and 13 km from New Delhi Railway Station. On the other hand, Jaypee Siddharth, the well-known 5-star business hotel in Delhi, is 14 km from Domestic Airport, 18 km from International Airport and 5 km from New Delhi Railway Station.

Catering Options

Check the food and drink packages in the hotel packages while enquiring about the MICE event at the venue you are considering. It will be best to select a venue offering a wide selection at different prices that will meet your demands. Of course, you must choose a venue that will provide you with various options to accommodate your desired menu. 

Layout & Capacity Of Event Space

A perfect event location should be big enough to fit everyone in but not so enormous that it loses the mood and vibe you’re going for. Technically, it should have enough room for all the equipment you’ll need to use and all the participants you expect. 

As it happens, an event space’s design and floor plan can significantly impact how people move about and activities move throughout your event. Hence, check the floor and seating plans to ensure maximum comfort for your guests.

The Support Team

Additionally, you want to ensure that the personnel staffing your event are cordial. Even if it is beyond your control, having poor staff running the event can significantly negatively impact how attendees perceive your conference. Before you lock anything in, meet with everyone at the location, so there are no misunderstandings later. 


A site tour is essential to ensure all the facilities are current and match your needs. In addition, you should check the location to ensure it has everything you need for your conference, such as the appropriate restrooms, smoking and non-smoking places, outdoor space for fresh air, accessibility for people with disabilities, etc. 

First impressions are essential at events in particular. Therefore, look for an interior and exterior that complements your conference’s aesthetic while exuding the right vibes for your visitors. 

The Technical Side

Make a list of every electrical and technological feature you’ll require. Even the places of power outlets and other devices are crucial. So, when you inspect areas, be careful to write these down. 

Additionally, you want a venue area with modern technology, so there are no technical difficulties on the day of your conference. Moreover, ensure that the venue offers top-notch service. Finally, you must get in touch with the primary contact person for the location and give the list of your requirements. 

Jaypee: The Best 5-Star Business Hotel In Delhi

It can be easy to plan a conference. The rest will go smoothly when you collaborate with the Jaypee venue crew after you have the venue space reserved. 

One of the first hotel chains in India, Jaypee Hotels & Resorts has a portfolio of three five-star properties in Delhi-NCR. Our meetings and events team will ensure success, whether you’re organising a small meeting, conference, training seminar, corporate launch, cocktail party, or team-building event. Contact us to know more about our hotel packages for MICE events.

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