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Agra Travel Guide – The Best of Agra Beyond The Taj

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Agra Travel Guide – The Best of Agra Beyond The Taj

Uttar Pradesh in northern India is home to the historically significant city of Agra. It is well-known for its extensive cultural legacy, architecture from the Mughal era, and numerous world-famous landmarks, such as the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri. 

The Taj Mahal is just one attraction in Agra, though. In this travel guide, we’ll examine the top attractions in Agra besides the Taj, including the finest locations to dine, stay, shop, and visit during the summer vacations.

What Are The Best Foods To Taste In Agra? 

Mughlai food, a fusion of Indian and Persian ingredients, is well-known in Agra. Among the foods, you must taste are:



It is a pumpkin-based treat that is well-liked as a take-home gift. It is available in various stores in Agra.

Jalebi and Bedai

Jalebi is a dessert created from a deep-fried batter covered in sugar syrup. Bedai is a savoury pastry packed with lentils and spices. In Agra, this is a well-liked breakfast food.

Special Paratha

Typically served with yoghurt or chutney, it is a flaky bread stuffed with spiced meat and herbs.

Mughlai Food 

Agra is renowned for its diverse culinary traditions, especially its Mughlai cuisine, which combines elements from India and Persia. Try some regional specialities, like kebabs, biryani, and tandoori chicken.

What Are The Top Restaurants In Agra? 

The Top Restaurants In Agra

You can find some of the top restaurants in Agra at the Jaypee Palace Hotel and Convention Center. It offers several eateries that serve a range of food to suit diverse preferences.


This eatery serves genuine Indian food from various parts of the nation. The foods on the menu are made with traditional cooking techniques and spices and come in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants.

C’est Chine

Chinese food is served in this restaurant, along with dim sum, noodles, and stir-fries. To provide an authentic Chinese eating experience, in C’est Chine the meals are made with fresh ingredients and traditional flavours.

The Upscale Tapas 

Tapas serves energizing drinks, tasty nibbles, and the finest domestic and imported spirits and wines.

Tea Lounge 

A variety of teas, coffees, and snacks are offered in The Tea Lounge unpretentious cafe. It’s a terrific location for catching up on work or unwinding with a book.

The Grand Buffet

The Grand Buffet is the ideal spot to indulge because of its exquisite variety of Indian and continental soups, salads, main meals, and desserts. The aesthetically pleasing restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, has room for up to 228 patrons.

Aqua Grill 

This bar-b-que is held at this charming poolside amid lush, well-designed grounds.

What Are The Top Shopping Locations In Agra?

The Top Shopping Locations

Agra is renowned for its handicrafts, which include textiles, leather goods, and marble inlay work. In Agra, some of the most well-liked shopping destinations are:

Sadar Bazaar

The market is a hive of activity in the centre of the city. It is well-known for its leather products, jewellery, and textiles.

Kinari Bazaar 

Stores lining the short street sell sarees and other clothing accessories with zari and embroidered work.

Taj Mahal Complex

Numerous shops selling souvenirs, such as miniature Taj Mahals, marble items, and leather goods, can be found throughout the Taj Mahal complex.

What Are The Best Activities In Agra To Engage In Over The Summer?

The city of Agra, which is rich in history, culture, and art, provides a variety of experiences and activities to make your summer holiday memorable. Planning your trip in advance is excellent because Agra may get very busy during the summer. To avoid last-minute headaches, make your reservations for lodging, transportation, and sightseeing trips far in advance.

A Stroll in the Garden

Mehtab Bagh, Ram Bagh, and Soami Bagh are just a few of the lovely gardens that can be seen in Agra. When the weather is cooler, stroll through the gardens.

View Cultural Performances

The Best Activities In Agra To Engage In Over The Summer
The city of Agra is full of history and culture. Learn more about the city’s history by attending cultural events like dance performances, music concerts, and light and sound shows.

Go on a Day Excursion to Some Nearby Landmarks 

Many nearby attractions, including Fatehpur Sikri, Mathura, and Vrindavan, are accessible from Agra. Visit these locations daily to discover more about their history and cultures.

Jaypee: The Greatest Place In Agra To Dine, Stay, And Spend The Summer 

The Greatest Place In Agra To Dine

The opulent Jaypee Palace Hotel offers various rooms and suites to accommodate various requirements and price ranges. The rooms are roomy, tastefully decorated, and furnished with contemporary conveniences like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and minibars.

The hotel has a lovely outdoor pool to unwind after your trip to exotic places in Agra. It also boasts a spa where you may relax and revitalize with various massages and treatments.

If you travel with kids, the hotel includes a designated kids’ area with entertainment options like game consoles, books, and toys to help you stay indoors and relax as the sun burns bright during the afternoon in Agra.

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Q: How can I travel to Agra?

A: Major Indian cities can be reached by road, train, and air from Agra. The closest airport, with few domestic flights, is the Agra Airport. Agra Cantt, the central railway station in Agra, has excellent connections to other important Indian towns. A network of roadways connects Agra to other important cities in India.

Q: What season is ideal for visiting Agra?

A: When the weather is pleasant and comfortable, between October and March, these months have consistent temperatures between 10°C to 25°C, making them excellent for sightseeing and city exploration. 

Q: What places should I visit in Agra?

A: The Taj Mahal, a mausoleum made of white marble and constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in honour of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, is the most well-known landmark in Agra. Agra Fort, Itmad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb, Mehtab Bagh, and Fatehpur Sikri are additional must-see sights in Agra.

Q: What well-known delicacies should I try in Agra?

A: Mughlai cuisine, a mix of Central Asian, Persian, and Indian cuisines, is the signature dish of Agra.

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