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Your Guide for Planning A COVID-19 Wedding

by jaypee_moderator   ·  3 years ago   ·  
Your Guide for Planning A COVID-19 Wedding

Planning a wedding during times of pandemic is definitely a challenging task, and there are countless things and tasks that one needs to take care of because of the global pandemic. The wedding scenario looks very different now, whether it is about the number of events, the number of guests, accommodation, lockdown details, location or the extent of travel involved. Experts across the industry have given a closer look at the various effects COVID19 has imposed on the wedding planning details today and have stated few efficient tips to have a smooth one.

They all state is to be well prepared with the requisites in advance and maintain an open conversation with the various vendors and guests. It’s very important to list and plan the details from an early stage to avoid any kind of miscommunication or debacle during the wedding.

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Let’s see what you all need to know about COVID19 and wedding planning in these times.

Listen to the Expert’s Feedback

Though the wedding industry is regaining its feet since the last year’s lockdown, people are still having jitters about planning a wedding in these times. They are always looking out for industry veterans to pour their ideas and comments on handling things in the best way possible. The hospitality industry, wedding planners, decorators, caterers, etc are all citing their glitches, roadblocks, hardships, solutions and planning details for the people to take advantage of planning their weddings safely.

Understanding Safety Guidelines and Precautions

The most obvious challenges in these pandemic weddings are health risks, the safety of the guests, and the government’s COVID-19 guidelines. It can be seen that these factors do not always align well together most of the times, and that’s what makes the execution of the wedding a difficult task. As every state, city and area follow different regulations; it is difficult for the host and guests to have a seamless commutation and proceedings. Thus, it’s important to stay updated with the latest guidelines in your wedding location and share them with the guests as well.

Keeping Updated with the Latest Updates

The testing at the weddings is a good partial defense, but it’s not the full-proof way. With the vaccine roll-out, it can be treated as an additional layer of security, and the vaccination certification should soon be made mandatory. Vaccinations are similar to the key to unlock all the restrictions and allow people to plan a wedding. But one should always be aligned well with the government’s guidelines of social distancing, wearing of masks and sanitization at all times during the wedding.

Downsizing The Number of Guests

This is something people are now prepared for at the start of the wedding itself. The government has also stated a fixed number of guests for each wedding to restrict the transmission and contraction of the virus amongst people. And now the hosts also take into consideration these factors even before planning a wedding in these pandemic times. These intimate weddings only involve the immediate family members and close friends alongside on this special day. You can look at throwing separate parties for different groups after the wedding. For extended acquaintances, you can send them a wedding favor thanking them for their understanding and of course, their blessings for the future.

Venue & Vendor Availability

With the strict pandemic and lockdown guidelines, people often find themselves at loggerheads with the venue and vendor availability. In such testing times, it has become very difficult for people to hunt a wedding venue, which is safe to carry all the wedding preparations with safety and security. The advice here would be to find out a venue that can offer you assistance with managing the vendors or providing services of their own like wedding decoration and set ups.

Plan Your Intimate Wedding at Jaypee Hotels

Weddings have become the most intimate affairs during these times, and people are taking every precaution under the umbrella to ensure the safety of themselves and their guests.

Our Wedding Boutique team, comprised of the members with years of experience in wedding planning, at each of the five properties can help you deal with the stress by providing you with assistance and guidance in planning one of the most beautiful days of your lives.

We assure to provide with the best facilities, amenities, services and hospitality to all our guests. You may explore the properties and services provided by us for planning a safe and secure wedding in these times on our website here or you can write to us on

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