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How Hotels Can Be A Conducive Workplace for The Guests

by jaypee_moderator   ·  3 years ago   ·  
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Time and again, we have seen tremendous change in the way hotel and hospitality industry is perceived by all. It has gone significant transformation in terms of accommodation mobility, changing demographics, and technology. Earlier hotels were perceived as a vacation getaway to engage in relaxing activities, away from the hustle and bustle of the routine life. But today, a hotel is no more just a getaway spot but also a great option for corporate gatherings and events.

Clients from both hospitality and corporate sectors are looking for innovative ways to respond to the demands of the new expectations and economy. The various trends that are changing the space design and utilisation in both sectors are:

  • Arrival Experience: Hotel lobbies are taking multi-functional approach towards their arrival experiences, and are now branching into bars, lounges and coffee shops. These places offer a backdrop to mingle and connect, while also increase the amount of revenue-generating spaces. Many companies allow employees to log-in remotely and reserve the space that meets their work needs. Some companies also allow support to their visiting staff and thus, enhance the day-to-day activities of their local workforce.
  • Social Hubs: With increased business travel and the fading gap between personal and professional time, the line between leisure travel and business travel is blurring. Space optimization is also becoming common among companies in the new economy. Social hubs or business hotels are actively becoming parts of our neighbourhood. They are flexible, centrally-located, multi-purpose and accommodate today’s technology with ease.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Spaces: The hotels are opening up and connecting to the city and its features and therefore, extending their lobbies to the outdoors and changing their functionality. These indoor/outdoor spaces are also morphing from rooftop restaurants and bars to unique gatherings where guests meet, play and connect.
  • Dining Space: Hotel revenues a substantial amount from F&B outlets. But no more people look out for just three-course meal restaurants any more. People look out for smaller and theme restaurants and lounges featuring speciality chefs and patrons. Corporate dining experience and gatherings are well called-in for in-house dining spaces and cafes.
  • Personal Space: Hotels are targeting and emphasising in providing their guests with a unique experience during their stays. The hotel rooms are flexible, adaptable and offers privacy, individuality and customisation for extended working hours. Companies understand the need of a relaxing environment amidst all the corporate commotion and thus, offers great choices of hotels with various facilities and amenities at their disposal.

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