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The Classification of the Hotels

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The Classification of the Hotels
The Classification of the Hotels

We all are well aware of a 4-star hotel, 5-star hotel or a 7-star hotel. But what exactly does it mean? If you are blinded by the intricate hotel star system, you’re not alone. Each country uses different star rating systems. One hotel with similar facilities can have different ratings in different countries, as per there rating systems. The star system was designed to measure the quality of hotels. Let’s have a look at various factors that helps in the classification of the hotels.

  • By Size or Number of Rooms: The various hotel classifications on the number of rooms depends on whether the hotels have:
    • Small hotels
    • Average hotels
    • Above-average hotels
    • Large hotels
  • Target Markets: Hotels target many markets and are classified according to the markets they target to attract. The common type of markets includes:
    • Business hotels
    • Airport hotels
    • Resort hotels
    • Conference & convention centres
    • Homestays
  • Levels of services: This comprises the base of every hotel. But there are three levels of services that one can expect from these hotels. They are:
    • World-class service: These are called luxury or 5-star hotels, and they target business executives, politicians, wealthy cliental etc. They provide upscale dining facilities and restaurants along with valet, spa, swimming pool and other facilities.
    • Mid-range service: They have a bigger appeal to a large segment of travelling public. They do not provide elaborate service and have adequate staffing. But surely have in-room service, Wi-Fi etc.
    • Budget/Limited service: These hotels provide clean, comfortable, safe and inexpensive rooms and meet the basic need of guests.
  • Ownership & Affiliations: These comprise of:
    • Independent hotels: Hotels that do not have identifiable ownership or management
    • Franchise: Owner of the hotel operates as a member of the chain and utilises brand image
    • Chain of hotels: Ownership imposes certain standards, rules, policies and procedures to restrict affiliate services.
  • Location: Hotels can be classified on the basis of location as well. Such as:
    • Commercial hotel: Expensive hotels situated in the heart of the city and proximate to various essential places like stations and airport
    • Suburban hotel: Hotels which are located in the suburb of cities and are moderately priced
  • Cliental: Based on the cliental, the hotels are classified as:
    • Heritage hotel: Palaces and forts, converted to hotels fall under this category
    • Boutique hotel: very small hotels made for elite guests are known as boutique hotels
    • All-suite hotel: Providing living room, bedroom and kitchenette in every room

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