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Uttarakhand Cuisine: 10 Delicious Local Dishes For Your Trip To Uttarakhand

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Uttarakhand Cuisine: 10 Delicious Local Dishes For Your Trip To Uttarakhand

In this hectic world, some of us always look for opportunities and long weekends to travel and explore. Travelling not only helps refresh our mundane lives, but it also helps us live different cultures, try different cuisines, meet people from across the world, and let’s not forget the Instagram stories so the rest of the world can feel F.O.M.O. Did you know that Uttarakhand cuisine is one of the most cherished cuisines worldwide? Yes, that’s correct; let’s dive deep into the blog to understand its offers! 

Before you get to know more about the ten most mouth-watering traditional foods of Uttarakhand, it’s essential that you understand a little more about the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Snuggled up in the beauty of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand showcases breathtaking landscapes and numerous spiritual sanctuaries. It’s known for offering a serene retreat for all the nature enthusiasts and hikers. Now, returning to the Uttarakhand cuisine, even the most popular food of Uttarakhand is not as tricky as another Masterchef recipe, mostly made from locally grown ingredients. 

In short, be it Uttarakhand’s food or people, the theory remains “basic but bravo!” 

Let’s not keep our mouths watering. Instead, we will start with the ten most popular local dishes from the cuisine of Uttarakhand. 

1. Bhang Ki Chutney

The name must have gotten all your attention, but what better than this? As the name suggests, Bhang Ki Chutney is about the tangy tamarind taste. It’s a sauce made from a mixture of spices and condiments for those who are still unable to figure out its taste. Undoubtedly, it enhances the flavour of other dishes; its aroma and tangy flavour tend to stay longer than you’d expect. The primary ingredient is hemp seeds, which play a significant role in its charismatic aroma! 

2. Kafuli/Kapaa

Kafuli is the highlight of Uttarakhand cuisine, and there’s no exaggeration in this. Both locals and travellers equally welcome it. The process of making this winter dish is not that complex but unique. It blends spinach, lai and fenugreek leaves cooked in the excellent embrace of an iron kadhai. Kafuli is served with gravy made of grain or wheat paste, and water is much more than food – it proudly showcases the taste of Uttarakhand. Its status as the State Food of Uttarakhand makes it a culinary delight.

3. Kandalee Ka Saag

This vivid green leafy vegetable (“Bicchu Ghas”) is distinctive in its preparation technique. Like most traditional food of Uttarakhand, it contains numerous nutrients. Kandalee Ka Saag tickles the taste buds with spicy aromatic spices and offers vitamins for the immune system. From leafy greens to indigenous spices, essential ingredients give flavour to a menu of Uttarakhand delights.

4. Chainsoo

Here comes Uttarakhand’s most loved traditional food, which is popular for all things good. This famous Garhwali delicacy made from Urad or Kali Dal is loaded with protein. Its protein content might require more digestion time for some, but it has a gratifying earthy flavour that begs exploration. It’s prepared initially by toasting the lentils until they become toasted and then turning them into a paste. Start enjoying this Uttarakhandi cuisine infused with aroma and well prepared using a slow simmering method in an iron kadai.

5. Kumaoni Raita

Just like the tangy appeal of Bhang ki Chutney, Kumaoni Raita is a must-have with any conventional Uttarakhand fare. Locals love this creamy delight, which combines fresh curd with mild turmeric and cucumber. Its healthy ingredients aside, it offers a flavour that makes taste buds want more with each bite. Trust us when we say this: You won’t want to stop at the first bite with this one! 

6. Baadi

When in Uttarakhand, you will definitely want to grab something quick yet filling, and when you do, you must not forget this delicacy. Baadi is another traditional food of Uttarakhand. It is a light lunch for any time of day and has a punch of flavours and vitamins that are standard in Garhwal cuisine. It’s prepared by blending Buckwheat Flour with boiling water and served with a ghee splash, which is sent to Uttarakhand food.

7. Phaanu

Originating out of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, Phaanu is a culinary treat. Its preparation might be challenging, but the outcome will be a delight. This hearty dish utilises an assortment of lentils soaked overnight to combine. As a soupy stew with fluffy rice, Phaanu promises a pleasing experience. If you ever decide to visit Uttarakhand, you must try Phaanu, a dish representative of the state’s culinary heritage! 

8. Garhwal Ka Fannah

Savour the flavour of Garhwal Ka Fannah, a Uttarakhand delicacy which is a staple in the town of Mussoorie. Its healthy ingredients promise a feast as filling as its filling. This dish is so revered that it’s served on the menu for any momentous occasion in Uttarakhand and is a regional favourite. Order this in Uttarakhand and be prepared to be enchanted by the allure of it, leaving you longing for just one more unforgettable bite.

9. Jhangore Ki Kheer

Jhangore ki Kheer is a dessert from the Garhwal area of Uttarakhand. Made from Jhangore millet, this delicacy pairs milk with premium dry fruits. Each spoonful combines an assortment of textures and flavours for a gratifying snack. After sampling the robust flavours of Garhwali cuisine, indulge in Jhangore ki Kheer, the ultimate end of a well-spent meal.

10. Aaloo Tamatar Ka Jhol

Enjoy Aaloo Tamatar Ka Jhol, among Uttarakhand’s delectable cuisines. It is a dish which combines delicious aromas and flavours in a snap. Savoury steamed potatoes, and heavy tomato curry with sauteed onions are the stars of this culinary symphony. Savour this popular food of Uttarakhand that will refresh you after a day of exploration. Let’s be honest; you must have seen thousands of reels on how to make aloo tamatar ka jhol, just like Uttarakhand Style! 

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Hey, watch your mouth there. We can see it watering. But we get it. It’s not your fault at all. The cuisine of Uttarakhand has a way of making us hungry. Now, whenever you decide to visit Uttarakhand, you already know what to order. Also, don’t forget to tell us what sounded the best according to your taste from all these yummy dishes of Uttarakhand.

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