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Why choosing a Destination Wedding Resort is the Ultimate Wedding Experience.

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Why choosing a Destination Wedding Resort is the Ultimate Wedding Experience.

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular over the years, given the special and unforgettable experience they create for the couple and their guests. Destination weddings provide couples with the opportunity to exchange their wedding vows outside of their homeland, frequently in a breathtaking natural environment.

One can host a destination wedding anywhere in the globe, from a Tropical beach to an Italian winery; every destination has something special to offer. Couples frequently choose these places because of their natural beauty and the possibility of having a special wedding. While couples are all excited about the mesmerising destinations they shortlist for marriage, their families often have this one concern “How much does a destination wedding cost in India?” 

So where to have a destination wedding, and what factors must be considered when hosting one? Let’s find out:

Reasons For Choosing A Destination Wedding Resort

While organising a destination wedding may be thrilling and fulfilling, it also presents a unique set of difficulties. Several elements, including travel logistics, location, ambience, and outdoor and indoor event areas, must be consi dered when deciding where to have a destination wedding. It is crucial to work with a wedding planner or coordinator who has knowledge of hosting destination weddings and can guide you through these aspects.

Location is one of the most important choices when deciding Where to have a destination wedding. Couples these days increasingly prefer destination wedding resorts for all the benefits that they offer. From the stunning settings to the all-inclusive packages, here are some explanations for why couples choose to marry in a destination wedding resort: 


The location is one of the main factors contributing to the popularity of resorts for destination weddings. These resorts are frequently found in some of the most stunning and serene settings, usually away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Regardless of whether you want to get married on a white-sand beach, in a lush tropical garden, or with a view of the mountains, there are destination wedding resorts that can cater to all your location requirements and make your dream wedding a reality.

All-Inclusive Package

Resorts offer different destination wedding packages in India that are not just cost-effective but can make your wedding preparation considerably simpler. The ceremony and reception locations, cuisine, décor, couple suites etc., are all included in a resort’s destination wedding packages, which makes them a more affordable option than customary weddings. 

They will tell you the entire cost upfront and well in advance, which can help you prevent any unforeseen expenses in the future. Also, all-inclusive packages that include lodging, food, and activities are particularly useful if you’re arranging a wedding in a foreign nation where you might not be familiar with the local customs or currencies.

Expert Wedding Planners

Expert Wedding Planners

Selecting a resort for your destination wedding might also provide you with access to knowledgeable wedding planners who can support you at every stage of wedding planning and preparation. Most destination wedding packages in India also include the cost of in-house wedding planners, so you don’t have to make any extra effort to look for wedding planners at an all-new location.

In-house wedding planners are available at many Indian resorts, and they can assist you with everything from picking the ideal venue to organising all the specifics of your big day. They may also assist you in navigating the recent trends in the wedding industry.

Customisable Packages

While most resorts have all-inclusive packages, some of them may also be willing to tailor their wedding packages to suit the particular requirements and tastes of the hosts. Whether you desire a small private wedding or a large celebration, these destination wedding packages in India may be customised to cater to your ideas.

Also, you might want to include extra services like spas, photography, or excursions for your visitors. This freedom enables you to design a wedding that is exclusively designed, keeping your preferences in mind.

Easy for Guests

Making it simple for your guests to attend your wedding is one of the benefits of choosing a destination wedding resort. Several resorts provide group pricing wherein you can avail of better offers when you book the entire property. For visitors who may not be familiar with the area, some resorts even provide pick-and-drop services from the airport to the resort.

Also, since all the celebrations are organised at different venues within the same resort, your guests won’t need to leave the resort to attend all ceremonies. This may be extremely alluring for visitors who do not have the time or means to organise a separate holiday. They can also unwind and enjoy themselves during their free time, thanks to the activities and services offered by these resorts.

Memories that Last a Lifetime

Memories that Last a Lifetime

Choosing a destination wedding resort will offer you some beautiful lifetime memories. Being married in a stunning setting with your loved ones by your side might be an event you will never forget. Also, you can concentrate on enjoying your special day without having to worry about the wedding preparations thanks to the all-inclusive packages and professional wedding planners provided by many destination wedding resorts.

A Fun-Filled Time For Your Guests

There are many possibilities for your guests where they can connect with one another and create lifelong experiences. Destination wedding resorts in India offer everything from kayaking and snorkelling to cultural excursions and cooking courses. By participating in these events and trips, your guests can also create some fun memories of themselves. 

Destination weddings in resorts also offer you a chance for a lengthier celebration that can be extended from 2 days to a week, where the hosts and guests can truly connect and celebrate. Couples who want to have extended time with their friends and relatives, who are travelling from across the globe, find it particularly enticing because it allows them to spend more quality time together. This also offers you more time to take in the surroundings, get to know one another and make lifelong memories.


Deciding where to have a destination wedding may often seem more difficult than planning the wedding. In such situations choosing the right wedding resort at a location of your choice is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Choosing the right wedding destination can may your wedding celebrations stress-free, magical and magnificent. 

We at Jaypee Hotels understand that marriages are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that deserves nothing but the most outstanding setting. If you are looking for lush green wedding destination properties in Delhi, Greater Noida, Agra or Mussoorie, then Jaypee Hotels can offer you the most beautiful natural surroundings and all-inclusive wedding packages to make your big day truly special. Our professional wedding planners will help you create long-lasting memories that you will treasure for years to come. A destination wedding at a premium Jaypee Hotel can provide the most memorable wedding experience for you and your guests that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

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