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Why Destination Weddings Are a Good Idea?

by jaypee_moderator   ·  4 years ago   ·  
Why Destination Weddings Are a Good Idea?

Although there are more than 10 reasons to get married to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, destination wedding surely rings the bell. From some real bonding with the loved ones to a pleasant change of the locations, destination weddings bring many joyful and memorable moments in one’s wedding journey.

Let’s find out why destination weddings have a different charm in them.

  • Unique Experience: You can plan your wedding as one of its kind with everything you like. Be it sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains or some palace or fort, your wedding will be unique for you in every way.
  • Check something off your bucket list: Choosing a place of your choice and having a wedding there is surely an important tick off from your bucket list.
  • Mesmerising Photoshoot: We cannot miss this important part of most of the weddings today. Every couple plans a theme-based wedding shoot and extensive wedding photoshoots and videos to enjoy the wonderful memories later. What better way than to have all those moments in a perfect destination of your choice?
  • More intimate affair: When you have a run-of-the-mill hometown wedding, the guest list is never-ending. It surely requires more planning and management skills as compared to that of a destination wedding. This is one of the few ways of bringing down the cost of the wedding as well.
  • Everyone is more engrossed and part of the paparazzi: Everyone is a VIP at your wedding. With just a few important ones, everyone has an agenda to fulfil, and that makes them an integral part of your wedding preparations and memories.
  • There is no home-field advantage: With a destination wedding, you can totally bring in the authentic local flair, like in food and music. It will be a pleasant experience for you, as well as your guests.
  • Less management hassles: Trust us when we say that planning a wedding can cause anxiety. So, when you opt for a destination wedding, it inevitably cuts away lots of hassles and nerve breaking moments.

In all these arrangements, let’s not forget the role of a good wedding venue and accommodation. That is the part which makes or breaks the entire destination wedding frolic and fun. Mostly it’s advisable to have a place ideal for both the wedding and accommodation, but to find one is really difficult. But with Jaypee Hotels, you need not worry about these factors.

Talking about a destination wedding, Jaypee Hotels presents grand properties in Mussoorie and Agra. Jaypee Palace Hotel in Agra is one of the best 5-star venues for destination weddings. The hotel carries the essence and grandeur of contemporary as well as traditional ambience and setup. It is the perfect wedding destination offering grand banquet facilities, ambience, recreation, accommodation, food, spa and everything that you can name. The lavish creation is extraordinarily unique and awe-striking with landscaped gardens, water bodies and pergolas, making it a truly majestic experience in the city of love for all.

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