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1-Day Trip to The Taj Mahal, Agra from Delhi

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Agra is well-liked by locals and visitors from abroad since it is home to the Taj Mahal, one of the most magnificent World Wonders. However, many tourists need to remember that this city has other sights that might astound you. So instead, they spend most of their time admiring the Taj Mahal. To see the Mughal splendour of Agra and adjacent Fatehpur Sikri, you need at least 3 days, which is the ideal duration. However, if you only have one day and a strong desire to see the monument to love while also taking advantage of everything the city offers, this guide is for you.

Taj mahal

How to reach Agra

By Air

The city of Agra has its own airport, Kheria Airport, but it is a military base and only has flights operated by Air India that connect it to Delhi commercially. 

By Rail 

The best method to get to Agra is by rail. The impressive rail networks in India make it possible for travellers to go to the metropolis from any part of the nation. Agra is connected to all the other main cities in the country because of its location on the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Chennai routes. 

By Road 

The city has an excellent road network connecting it to the states and cities in the area. Government and commercial buses, which frequently run from Delhi, make it possible to travel the NH2 and Yamuna Expressway to reach Agra. Similarly, frequent everyday buses connect Jaipur and Agra through NH 11. 

From Delhi to Agra by Road 

Just 233 kilometres separate Delhi from Agra, and it takes about three to four hours to travel there. However, it might take around three hours if you left Delhi at five or six in the morning because there would be less traffic and a more straightforward, smoother road. There are many ways to go from Delhi to Taj City, but the Yamuna Expressway, which runs from Noida to Agra, is the best and quickest option. 

When to visit Agra 

The months of October through March are the ideal times to visit Taj. So now that the heat has subsided, it is the beginning of winter, when the temperature is delightfully cold, making it ideal for sightseeing and quite hot from April to July. Avoid foggy days and avoid scheduling your trip for a Friday because the Taj Mahal isn’t open to tourists on Fridays. 

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When to visit Agra

Plan a one-day trip to Agra: What to include in your Agra Itinerary

If you have only one day for your Agra trip, then first of all, book a hotel near the main attractions. Then, you can opt for a luxurious 5-star Jaypee Palace Hotel and Convention Centre in the heart of Agra. This way, you will save time while avoiding any hassles. In addition, you can enjoy Mughal-style architecture along with mouth-watering cuisine here. 

Start early from Delhi, check into your hotel, relax, and start your trip to the Monument of Love. After enjoying this wonder in white marble, you can take a trip to Agra Fort, just adjacent to the Taj Mahal.

Choose an authentic place to enjoy Mughal delicacies. You can relax for some time near the pool or garden area of your hotel or take a relaxing spa at Tamaya Spa before venturing into the colourful markets of Agra.

Start your return journey by 5 or 6 p.m., and you’ll arrive in Delhi just in time for dinner.

How to Spend a Day in Agra – Ideas and Itineraries 

It would be best if you aimed to leave Delhi at 5 a.m. and arrive in Agra by 8 a.m. Then, you can get to the hotel, check in, get ready, and then go directly to the Taj Mahal. 

The best time to visit this famous landmark is early in the morning when it is considerably less busy, and you can enjoy its beauty from both the interior and the outside. This mausoleum serves as a reminder of the monarch Shah Jahan’s undying devotion to his wife, Mumtaz. 

The city was a significant centre during the Mughal era, which accounts for the predominance of Mughal architecture in the city. The Agra Fort is one of the city’s attractions. Because of its historical significance, it is worthwhile to visit. 

Strolling through such a significant period of history is fantastic, and the building is in excellent condition. The red sandstone and the beautiful marble inlays found in several of the fort’s rooms are equally lovely. In essence, it’s a beautiful memorial! 

If you’re wondering what else to see in Agra apart from the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort, go to the Itimad-ud-Daulah Tomb, also called the “Baby Taj.” Queen Nur Jahan undertook construction for her father. While touring, it is clear that Baby Taj served as the Taj Mahal’s model because the two structures are remarkably similar. 

The Mughals introduced the delectable dishes of this city, which combine meat with comical curries and authentically Indian base tastes. An excellent early lunch can be enjoyed at The Grand Buffet or Paatra at the Jaypee Palace Hotel nearby. With a variety of delectable Indian and Continental food, the restaurants offer an extraordinary dining experience. 

Remember to shop at the well-known Agra bazaars, renowned for their high-quality leather and marble goods. Pack some Agra petha as a tasty reminder of your trip.

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Though Agra is a top-rated tourist site in India, it is possible to make the journey to Agra from Delhi on a day trip. The majesty of the Taj Mahal can be experienced in Agra in a single day with proper planning and a convenient stay.

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