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Best Destinations For Memorable Two-Day Trips From Delhi

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Best Destinations For Memorable Two-Day Trips From Delhi

Weekend getaways are a fantastic opportunity to escape the rat race and revitalize your body and soul. When it comes to weekend getaway locations, Delhi has a ton of choices as well as a wide range. Near Delhi, travellers can experience hill stations, ancient cities, wildlife reserves, natural resorts, and more. 

However, if you are in Delhi, you can travel for two days to two incredible places for an unforgettable experience. Agra and Mussoorie are both easily accessible from Delhi, and both have much to offer for a fantastic vacation. The following travel advice will help you organize your two-day Delhi weekend getaways to the best of your ability: 



Distance – 230 kilometres 

How To Reach 

The Yamuna Express Highway is the best route from Delhi to Agra for a super-smooth trip that takes less than 4 hours. In addition, numerous trains run between Delhi and the Taj city. 

What To Do On A Two-Day Trip To Agra

Every traveller’s ideal destination is the city of the Taj, which they all hope to see one day. And for Delhiites it is only 4 hours away and a fantastic two-day vacation location. 

When you see the Taj Mahal, you are amazed by its extravagant splendour and unfathomable beauty. But, to feel it, you must go. 

The beautiful carvings on the ivory marble, with the Yamuna River as the ideal backdrop. To watch the The wonder of the world, Taj Mahal, dawn is the finest time. However, Agra offers so much more that it must be noticed. The Agra Fort, a red sandstone fort covering 94 acres, is an architectural marvel and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Your two-day journey to Agra can also include a stop in the ancient city of Fatehpur Sikri, which echoes tales of bygone eras. 

Additionally, Agra won’t let you down if you enjoy eating. There are some treats that you must take notice of. Bedai aaloo, a typical morning dish at Sri Dauji Mishthan Bhandar (stuffed crisp fried bread accompanied with spicy potato sauce), is a local favourite. Also, remember to get your fair share of gol-gappas and aloo tikki in Sadar Bazaar.

Where To Stay In Agra

The Jaypee Palace Hotel perfectly combines old-world elegance and modern comfort. The city’s busy commercial and historical districts are only a few steps away. The Yamuna Expressway and the Delhi Train take two hours to reach the hotel. This opulent masterpiece is exceptional and breath taking in terms of ambience, entertainment, lodging, cuisine, spa, and anything else you can think of. 



Distance- 272 kilometres

How to reach

Despite its height, Mussoorie is relatively simple to reach by road, rail or airways. 

What to do on a two-day trip to Mussoorie

To escape the sweltering Delhi heat, travellers frequently travel to a lovely hill station 35 miles from Dehradun. Enjoy the restaurants as you stroll down Mall Road. It is essential to have a broad idea of everything you can do and then select the best viable possibilities to ensure you get all the experiences over the two days you are there. 

Take a trip to Mall Road once you are in Mussoorie and have checked into your accommodation. The Mall is the centre of all things mountainous and is regarded as Mussoorie’s spirit. A stroll down mall road is the finest way to get to know Mussoorie. It has stores, eateries, local cuisine, historic buildings, arcades with video games from the 1990s, and a skating rink. 

While there, you should explore Gun Hill Point, which is reachable both on foot and by cable car. The Tibetan Buddhist Temple and Happy Valley are also accessible. Happy Valley, which begins on the west side of Library Point, leads to Cloud’s end. The well-known Tibetan Buddhist temple is in Happy Valley, a Tibetan community. 

The best course of action for Fay 2 is to leave for Lal Tibba very early. Beyond the cantonment town of Landour, LalTibba is Mussoorie’s highest point and one of the area’s most attractive locations. 

Where to stay in Mussoorie

The best luxury resort in Mussoorie is Jaypee Residency Manor, perched on a hilltop amidst the tranquil Queen of Hills. The best place to stay for a peaceful and enjoyable vacation is this 5-star hotel in Mussoorie Mall. At this opulent luxury hotel in Mussoorie, you can select from a wide variety of complimentary and fee-based activities to fill your two days’ trip with joy, pleasant memories, and vitality.

Final Word

Even though travelling is a great option to move away from routine life, if you are seeking luxury without travelling for hours, then you have a choice of a luxurious and comfortable stay in top-class luxury hotels in Delhi

All types of budgets can be accommodated by the suites and amenities offered by Jaypee Luxury hotels in New Delhi. The Jaypee Siddharth Hotel combines classy decor with contemporary conveniences. It provides first-rate services and abundant amenities to its clients. Whereas, The Jaypee Vasant Continental is noted for its convenient location in the heart of New Delhi’s Diplomatic Enclave and the best hospitality services. Moreover, it is among the best hotels near Delhi airport terminal 2.

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