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The Perfect Travel Checklist For A Family Trip To Mussoorie

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The Perfect Travel Checklist For A Family Trip To Mussoorie

One of the most popular tourist destinations for families is Mussoorie. Many individuals make it a point to come here every year to relieve the stress of daily life and the commotion of their own cities. It is also the ideal and most excellent location for weekend excursions for Delhi residents. 

Mussoorie is located about 35 kilometres from Dehradun, the state capital. The most beautiful part of the drive is going from the doon valley to the rising hills of Mussoorie. If you’re lucky, you’ll see clumps of white, fluffy clouds drifting across the highway and hills. 

You don’t need much to feel refreshed —just the gentle rush of the cool wind and a few droplets from the sky. However, it is still crucial that you keep a few things in mind while travelling to Mussoorie for a family trip, some of which we will discuss below. 

The Ideal Time To Take A Family Trip To Mussoorie 

The Ideal Time To Take A Family Trip To Mussoorie

The climate in Mussoorie is characterized as a typical subtropical highland climate. The entire year, the weather is undoubtedly pleasant. But Mussoorie might be the perfect place to experience a hill station winter because it becomes quite cold in the winter. 

  • Summers

The summer months of April to June are the ideal time to visit Mussoorie, as they are for other hill towns. However, even though the summers can have warm days occasionally if the clouds roll in, the temperature can suddenly drop, forcing you to draw down your sleeves. Definitely, the nights are significantly cooler. 

  • Monsoon

Hill rains are adored by many. However, although the temperature drops significantly, it also gets riskier to travel because of slick roads and landslides. Moreover, in the monsoon, Mussoorie experiences heavy rainfall. 

As a result, the air becomes incredibly humid and damp. Therefore, there may be better times to go than during monsoon season because you will be confined to your hotel and have limited mobility due to the rain. But you are in the best place to stay in Mussoorie with a view of the mountains. In that case, you can visit in rainy months to enjoy the pitter-patter of rain. Moreover, the luxurious hotel will have plenty of options to keep your kids busy.

  • Winters 

The winters are bitterly cold and regularly have considerable rainfall compared to other seasons (not a monsoon, of course). It becomes freezing, and the temperature falls into the negatives. Although it may not be suggested in the books, Mussoorie can be breathtaking in the winter if you enjoy snowfalls and can withstand the chilly weather. 

How To Go With The Family To Mussoorie 

How To Go With The Family To Mussoorie

  • By Road 

Dehradun, Delhi, as well as towns in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, are all easily accessible from Mussoorie. In addition, state-run and private buses are available to and from Mussoorie. 

  • By Train

Dehradun Railway Station, 36 kilometres from the hill town of Mussoorie, is the closest rail hub. Buses and taxis are available to get to Mussoorie from the train station.  

  • By Air 

Jolly Grant Airport, located 59 kilometres from the well-known tourist destination, is the closest airport to Mussoorie. In addition, there are flights from and to Dehradun that go to places like Delhi and Mumbai. 

Things To Consider When Travelling To Mussoorie With Family 

Things To Consider When Travelling To Mussoorie With Family

Mussoorie is a hill station with a low elevation that is simple to go to, but it is best to be ready and aware of some things before you plan your trip there. 

  • Even if you are travelling in the summer, remember that you are visiting a hill station and should pack some warm clothing for the chillier nights. 
  • It would be best if you didn’t rely on the Mussoorie clouds, so make sure to have an umbrella. 
  • You must reserve hotels in advance because Mussoorie is continuously overrun with visitors, and you want to save the day hunting for lodging. Moreover, booking a room will allow you to strike the best hotel deals near Delhi.
  • Instead of driving your automobile to various destinations, making arrangements for a local cab is preferable. Then, you may enjoy the journey and save time by not having to search for parking. 
  • In Mussorie, there are numerous ATMs, and most stores take cards and Paytm, so you may carry a smaller wallet. 
  • Small stores and kiosks that sell food are common in tourist destinations. However, if you’re travelling with children, you can bring some small eatables.

Mussoorie Tourist Places For Family 

These are the top attractions in Mussoorie, and you can plan your trip as you see fit. The locations mentioned are all close to one another, making it simple for individuals to visit them without difficulty. Here are the top 12 family-friendly attractions in Mussoorie. 

Landour, Jharipani Falls, Bhatta Falls, Cloud’s End, Lal Tibba, Gun Hill Point, Company Garden, The Library, Cloud’s End, George Everest’s House, Mussoorie Lake, Mussoorie Heritage Center, and Jharipani Falls.

Where To Stay In Mussoorie With Your Family

One of the most commercialized and well-known hill towns in North India is Mussoorie. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can select from low-cost hotels, luxury hotels like the Jaypee Residency Manor Hotel, B&Bs, resorts, heritage hotels, government lodgings, and more. 

Choose the Jaypee Residency Manor Hotel in Mussoorie by Jaypee Hotels & Resorts to make your trip to the mountain town of Mussoorie memorable and comfortable. It is the perfect location for tourists searching for a luxurious house. 

This luxurious hotel is the best place to stay in Mussoorie. It is situated on a hilltop that spans 9 acres of lush greenery and provides a sweeping view of Mussoorie’s natural beauty and hills. The hotel offers contemporary amenities and conveniences to ensure visitors have a comfortable stay. 

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