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Different Seasons, Different Wedding Trends

by jaypee_moderator   ·  2 years ago   ·  
Indian Wedding Trends

With different seasons come different wedding trends. Talking about weddings, they are an extravagant affair in our country with a lot of pomp and show everywhere. They call in for lots of rituals, traditions, and ceremonies under one roof. Weddings are an intimate as well as traditional setup in India, with various trends incoming and outgoing every season.

Let’s have a look at numerous trends we all have witnessed to date and are still incorporating them in our ceremonies. We’ve already seen weddings gorgeously incorporating these trends. They are not only trendy but are also interesting, sustainable, and are here to stay.

  • Personalization: One thing that the past years have taught us is customization in wedding ceremonies. Couples are opting to personalize their weddings in a way that feels natural to them. Be it customized rings or exotic destinations or outfits, they try to incorporate the exclusivity in their ceremonies. This trend is also going strong with the gifts given to the guests as a token of appreciation. That might be some engraved wall art or handmade stuff etc.
  • Cross Culture Weddings: India is a land of varied cultures and traditions. This is a nation of unity in diversity. Thus, cross-culture has been a strong trend for many years now. Whether it is a two-day wedding or a fusion wedding, a confluence of both the bride and groom’s traditions is gaining popularity.
  • Exotic Destinations: Inspired by various celebrities or the ongoing trends on global platforms, couples are planning their weddings in timeless palaces and exotic forts, apart from just the beaches.
  • Floral and Pastel Décor: Décor trends are gaining popularity amongst couples, and thus, they are not shying away from trying out various colors and patterns in their weddings. An amalgamation of traditional and contemporary themes marks the combination of bright items in sync with off-white and blush designs, patterns, and items.
  • Minimalist and Quirky Wedding: Gone are the days when weddings just meant heavy clothes and jewelry, bright colors, and plain traditional décor. Today, couples and families are not afraid to try quirky elements in the ceremony to add the glamour. Minimalist and bold elements like creative seating, signage, and displays have also become very common these days.

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