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6 Types of Banquet Services for Weddings and Formal Events

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6 Types of Banquet Services for Weddings and Formal Events

Celebration and merriment are an indispensable part of our lives. They make our lives enjoyable and worth living, especially after the problems faced during this pandemic recently. The pandemic taught us to never miss an opportunity of getting together and celebrating. And weddings are undisputed occasions for being together and making every moment memorable and happy. 

To plan an elaborative and distinguished wedding, one needs exquisite banquet services. They are a necessary and basic requirement of hosting an enjoyable event. They can be as varied as the event you’re attending. The word banquet means a sumptuous feast and is arranged to cater for a large number of people. Banquet service in today’s time is an elaborate meal than a regular family dinner, along with various other facilities, activities, and hospitality, due to the scope of the event or the size of the crowd present. These services can be as varied as the marriage, meeting, conference etc. and they are decided by the extent of the event, menu, and crowd.

Types of Banquet Services

Types of Banquet Services

Many hotels and resorts form the core of great and unforgettable banquet services. They are renowned and known for organising and offering people sumptuous food and time. But before that, let’s look for various types of banquet services, such as:

  • Buffet: This is a popular banquet service, chosen in events with a large number of attendees. There is a buffet line of food choices, which the guests pass through and serve themselves. It is a convenient way of choosing what an individual wants to choose.
  • Reception: It is a popular term known across countries involving a gathering where people mill around the room while eating and chatting. This is a special gathering of a varied number of people, came together for a special occasion.  
  • Food Stations: This is an event that comprises food stalls or stations offering various cuisines, courses and dishes to the guests. Many times, these stations are manned by chefs who prepare food in front of the guests. The most common food stations include pasta bars, sushi stations, desserts, etc.
  • Cafeteria-Style: This is very similar to the buffet-style banquet service, with a difference that servers themselves serve the food. The practice is used to control the portion sizes.
  • Plated: In this service, the guests are seated, and servers bring food already portioned into the plates from the kitchen. This is believed to be one of the most efficient types of banquet service. The plated style is the most common one seen at formal events, seminars, conferences, and formal dinners.
  • Pre-Set Service: If the food is already showing up on the table at the time of your arrival, it is known as a pre-set arrangement. This is applicable mostly with bread, desserts, salads, and beverages.

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The design and décor of function rooms can take many forms. The best layout of a room is dependent on various factors such as space available in the banquet hall, number of attendees, expected level of activity and interaction required, and place required for dinner tables, meeting tables, and head tables. The various types of banquet style setups are:

Banquet style setups 6 Types of Banquet Services
  • Theatre Style Theatre Style
  • Boardroom Style Boardroom Style
  • U-shape Style U-shape Style
  • Wedding Style Wedding Style
  • Herringbone Style Herringbone Style
  • Hollow Square Style Hollow Square Style
  • Classroom Style Classroom Style
  • T-shape Style T-shape Style

Banquet halls by Jaypee Hotels in Delhi offer the best and well-equipped venues for conferences, events, marriages, with good space and exquisite banquet services. Jaypee Hotels is one of the best hotel chains in Northern India, offering exquisite and impeccable services to all. We have exclusive choices of banquet venues in our hotels, catering to various occasions and situations. All the events at our hotels are carried out in opulent and state-of-the-art venues. Our hotels carry the essence and grandeur of contemporary as well as traditional ambience and setup.

Whatever your special occasion is, Jaypee Hotels’ team is dedicated to the various thoughtful ideas and details to bring your event to life. From art functions to fashion shows, award ceremonies, engagements, anniversaries, cocktails, etc., we have the experience of managing various events of world-class standards. We take each event as a celebration of various emotions, ideas, thoughts and expectations. Our event planners and chefs go the extra mile to get you an event sufficing all your needs and choices.  

Various banquet halls of Jaypee Hotels in Delhi are perfect wedding venues offering grand banquet facilities, ambience, recreation, accommodation, food, spa and everything that you can name. The lavish creations are extraordinarily unique and awe-striking, making it a truly majestic experience for all.

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