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How to Spend Three Days in Agra and See the Taj Mahal?

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How to Spend Three Days in Agra and See the Taj Mahal?

Deciding or planning a vacation is quite the task. Because even if you are a seasoned traveller or an occasional backpacker, one thing that you need to plan out is how much time will you be spending at a destination, calculating the amount of relaxation and sightseeing at a spot. Additionally, some might like to soak up some peace or rejuvenate just by being far away from their home. For some, it could be exploring the culture and history of the place or eating awesome local food. So whether you are planning a trip to a place close to your city, you can take a few days to explore it completely. If you are living in Delhi and making an Agra trip plan, you can plan it for a good 3 days, instead of just returning in a one-day road trip. 

Agra is a beautiful place for a short getaway or even for a luxury vacation over a weekend. If you have been wondering how to make an Agra trip plan, then several itineraries could come up on the web. But don’t worry, as we give you a plan on how to spend 3 days in Agra, get the most of sightseeing and enjoy as per your interests.

How to Spend Three Days in Agra?

If you plan 3 days in Agra, there are a number of interesting activities that you can indulge in. The idea of a three-day trip to Agra is to spend the maximum time sightseeing without compromising on much-needed rest and relaxation. Exploring the sights and sounds in the city laced with history across every nook.

Here is a rough itinerary for your Agra trip plan to explore and see the best of what the city has to offer

Day 1: Visit the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. You can also visit the Jama Masjid close by. The Kinari Bazaar is close by. 

Day 2: Visit the Baby Taj (Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah), Mehtab Bagh and end your day shopping at the Sadar Bazaar.  

Day 3: You can drive down to Sikandara, Akbar’s tomb, a little away from Agra. You can explore the markets for street food and local specialities later in the day. 

If you are a lazy bug and are not too keen on walking around or exploring the knick knacks around a city, soaking up the views of the Majestic Taj could be the best way to spend the vacation. Also, when you purchase the ticket for entry into the Taj Mahal, remember that it is only valid for three hours. Post three hours, you need to repurchase the ticket. The information is only written in fine print and is not widely known to tourists.

For this, it is advisable to check into a luxury or a top-notch property that offers such views of the Taj or is at least located very close to the monument, so you can reach there early and enjoy the solitude. You can consider Jaypee Palace & Convention Centre, one of the best hotels near the Taj Mahal. 

Here, you can even make the most of the hotel amenities and just spend a day relaxing within the premises. The architecture of Jaypee Palace is very resplendent to the Taj Mahal, evoking all royal feels. Research into what add-ons are applicable along with booking a hotel for 3 days in Agra. Most of these top-end properties are complete with spas and similar relaxation facilities right within their own premises.

You can also plan your trip to Agra on a date that coincides with a full moon. Full moon days are the only ones when the Taj Mahal is open for night viewing. A view that is worth watching and one that you can’t get over with! 

Agra What to See for History Buffs

hotels near the Taj Maha

In your Agra 3-day itinerary, you can sign up for a number of walking trips that take you around the best historic structures in the city. Most of these walking trips take you along narrow trails and even some patchy lanes while acquainting you with the rich history associated with these places.

When in Agra, some other historical monuments to consider visiting are, the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. You can also shop for knick-knacks from the many shops dotting the area around the Taj Mahal. The Mehtab Bagh and the baby/mini Taj too are amazing places you can consider exploring when you are spending 3 days in Agra. You can also visit the tomb of Akbar which is located a little farther from Agra.

You can also include guided or non-guided group activities in your Agra trip plan. Make sure you do your research well and depending on what interests you, you can finalize the best option before booking. One tip to consider here is looking up reviews online. This helps understand which trips would actually be genuine and safe to tag along with.

One consideration to make before you plan an Agra 3-day itinerary is the weather. It is best to avoid going to the place during the rainy season because it could actually cut short your trip or activities for the day. Do ensure that you check into a hotel that is popular among tourists at a place that is near the top tourist sites in the city such as the Jaypee Palace. 

Agra What to See for Foodies

plan 3 days in Agra

Agra is mesmerizing not just in terms of historical sites and awesome architecture but also in terms of the variety of street food and sweets. If you are a foodie there are a variety of street food variants to consider. You cannot miss the famous Agra petha, a translucent soft sweet made from ash gourd or white pumpkin. There are umpteen varieties of food that you can check out at various local stores and joints in the city. The other famous items include Bedai and Dalmoth, a spicy snack. A number of restaurants also offer rooftop dining facilities. These have gained popularity because of the awesome views of the Taj Mahal that you could soak up while you eat. 

If you are in doubt about Agra 3 day itinerary planning, do talk with your hotel reception staff. Agra keeps enjoying a steady stream of tourists from the country and abroad because all that is here to experience and explore. To make your Agra trip plan a success dedicated at least 3 days to this city immersed in history. If you plan it well and stay at a well-equipped hotel you will have a great time immersing in the vibe of the city. Happy exploring to you!

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