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Mussoorie: Impeccable offbeat workcation destination in India

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Mussoorie: Impeccable offbeat workcation destination in India
Jaypee Residency Manor

These pandemic times have ushered us to a new normal with new sets of possibilities, as well as challenges. We all came to terms with working from home and managing things on our own for the longest time. But in these two years, these things took a great toll on our mental health. People are now looking for refreshing outlets that can help people get a break from the monotonous routine life.

Instead of this, we came across a new term: workcation. It is considerably a new concept that got its inception in the 2000s but got wider acceptance during the times of pandemic and lockdown. In a broader perspective, it is a combination of two words – work and vacation, and it can either be taken as working while a vacation or vacationing while working. It provides a wonderful combination of working and vacationing and cites a great balance between professional and personal life. What we all need are just a working laptop, high-speed internet and an exotic location.

In India, there are ample picturesque locations that provide great sights for a workcation; Mussoorie is one of the most sought-after locations amongst others. The tranquil environment of the city mesmerises you with its sheer beauty and invokes the inner senses of your body. It is a famous hill station destination in Northern India garlanded with whistling woods, rolling plains, green misty dews and unexplored territories. Let’s see some of the major pointers that make Mussoorie an impeccable offbeat workcation destination in India.

Mesmerising Views

The beautiful city of Mussoorie is full of attractive serene landscapes of breath-taking views. The beauty of the valley lies in the simple lifestyle of its people. It is set on a ridge about two hours north of Dehradun and offers great views and mystic ranges. It is situated in the foothills of the grand Garhwal Himalayan range. It will offer great relief to the tiring eyes and mind and will provide the most needed break from the monotonous routine.

Luxurious Facilities & Amenities

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People choose vacations to enjoy the luxury and comfort of a hotel, along with contemporary facilities and amenities needed for working from there. These facilities include a steady and strong Wi-Fi connection, mobile network, power backups, sanitized rooms, luxury accommodation, outdoor and indoor workstations, etc. Mussoorie is full of luxurious and comfortable hotels and resorts equipped with all the facilities and amenities needed.

Memorable Service & Hospitality

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Vacation means availability of impeccable and essentially flawless services. The staff needs to be extremely well-spoken, polite and clear. Mussoorie is a destination of impeccable and luxurious 5-star hotels and resorts, famous for their unmatched service and hospitality.

Delectable Dining Options

5 star hotel in Mussoorie

Food plays a major role in making or breaking the entire experience for a person. It is one of the staple needs for a great workcation. Our 5-star hotel in Mussoorie provides a 24×7 food menu to the guests. They also staff in-house dining areas as per the varied choices and likings of the guests. The properties have expert chefs to curate lip-smacking dishes under national and international cuisines.

We, at Jaypee Residency Manor, one of the best 5-star hotels in Mussoorie, provide unique indulgences to all our guests who have checked in our hotel for a memorable workcation. We are undoubtedly the best place to stay in Mussoorie for all those who are looking for an unmatched workcation experience this summer, along with a breath-taking view of the mountains.

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