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5 Ways To Plan and Organise a Unique Wedding

by jaypee_moderator   ·  2 years ago   ·  
Organise a Unique Wedding

Wedding forms a very important part of a person’s life, and he/she plans the day to be one of the most unique and happiest memories in his/her life. Everyone plans certain special things for their wedding day and wants it to be the best experience of their life. There are many simple things that can make your wedding stand out from other weddings. These are:

  • Create Your Own Wedding/Engagement Rings: Exchanging rings or an engagement ceremony forms one of the core functions of most Indian weddings. To make it unique and different, one can plan it by creating their own rings with a personal touch, most noticeable to you and your partner. Make it a memory to be cherished forever, and design/create something very customised.
  • Go Bold with the Wedding Outfit: Ditch the regular colours and patterns for your wedding outfit and try something very different and classic. The dress doesn’t have to be in sync with the common trends. Try to make it a classic rendition of your traditions and personal choices.
  • Plan a Photo Booth: Though this idea is not unique and can be found in most of the weddings these days, the props used here can do the talking. Find and hire props that will make the memories of your weddings most unique for you and your guests. Either get the photos printed in real-time or upload digital copies at a later date to share with everyone who attended.
  • More Intrinsic Decorations: Decorations are a very important part of any wedding, and the complete look can make or break the entire wedding celebration. For your wedding, go for more natural and intrinsic details and designs. This will bring a very authentic flavour to your wedding and will classify your wedding as a unique one.
  • Have Customised Token of Gifts for the Guests: Rope in family and friends and get creative in planning the return gifts for the guests. This can be as unique as one wants and can include a whole lot of things.

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