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Top Must-Visit Golf Courses in India – A Sporty Journey

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Top Must-Visit Golf Courses in India – A Sporty Journey

Golf, often referred to as the “gentleman’s game,” is not just a mere sport but transpires as a way of life and indulgence for enthusiasts around the world. Beyond the greens and fairways, golfing has become a symbol of elegance, leisure, and camaraderie. India too has its share of golfing enthusiasts. The sport’s appeal lies not only in the thrill of competition but also in its unique ability to foster a sense of well-being, relaxation, and social bonding. And people who play the sport regularly love heading to different golf courses in India to try their hand and master their golfing skills. If you know someone who loves the sport just as much, we bring you some of the must-visit golf courses in Delhi as well as across the nation.

Top Must-Visit Golf Courses in India

  1. Jaypee Greens Golf Course, Noida

    Jaypee Greens Golf Course, Noida

    Located in the bustling city of Noida, very close to Delhi, the Jaypee Greens Golf Course is a golfer’s paradise and a jewel in the crown of Indian golf. Designed by the legendary golfer Greg Norman, this 18-hole championship course spans 452 acres, featuring a perfect blend of meticulously crafted fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and serene water bodies around. With its lush landscapes, this golf and spa resort in Noida offers an ideal setting for both amateurs and professionals to enjoy a challenging round of the game. For those who incline to learn the sport, the Jaypee Greens Golf Course Academy offers a rewarding experience to golfers of all levels, whether they are beginners or seasoned players. The academy ensures an ideal learning environment, characterized by individualized attention and innovative teaching methods, to enhance the learning process. You can take an entire family outing to the Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort in Noida as a staycation or a quick weekend trip. The hotel has luxurious amenities and services that other family members can enjoy. There is a dedicated play zone for kids too. The hotel even has some special golfing packages which include the stay.

  2. Classic Golf Resort, Gurgaon

    Classic Golf Resort, Gurgaon

    Designed by Jack Nicklaus, one of the greatest golfers of all time, the Classic Golf Resort in Gurgaon, is a testament to the highest standards of golf course architecture. Spread over 300 acres of verdant land, this 27-hole championship course is known for its impeccable fairways, strategically positioned bunkers, and enticing views of the Aravalli hills. It has two separate courses and a practice facility. One of the best golf courses in India, it can accommodate about 70 players at a time. If you love golfing and want to go beyond golf courses in Noida, you should visit this one.

  3. Delhi Golf Club

    Delhi Golf Club

    There are a lot of golf courses in Delhi, but among them, the Delhi Golf Club is one of the most prestigious ones in India. It is located in the heart of Delhi, close to India Gate and Lodhi Gardens. This golf course in Delhi has two courses, the Lodhi Course and the Peacock Course. The Lodhi Course is a championship course that has hosted several international tournaments, including the Indian Open. The Peacock Course is a shorter course that is more suited to beginners and casual golfers. The club’s two courses offer something for everyone, from the experienced golfer to the beginner. And with its convenient location, the Delhi Golf Club is easy to get to from anywhere in the city.

  4. Bangalore Golf Club, Bengaluru

    Bangalore Golf Club, Bengaluru

    The Bangalore Golf Club, located in the heart of the metropolitan city is one of the oldest and most prestigious golf courses in India. Established in 1876, this 18-hole course boasts a rich history and a pleasing atmosphere, surrounded by beautiful trees and gentle slopes. Spread over 60 acres it has two water bodies and strategically placed bunkers around. The layout of the course challenges golfers of all skill levels. If you live in Bangalore, it is best to get yourself a membership of this club as it provides you exclusive access to multiple restaurants, bars, two world-class gyms, golf practice facilities, yoga classes and more.

  5. Aamby Valley Golf Course, Pune

    Aamby Valley Golf Course, Pune

    Nestled in the picturesque Sahyadri mountain range near Lonavala, the Aamby Valley Golf Course is quite a gem for golf enthusiasts. Designed by David Hemstock, the course offers 18 holes of golfing delight. And the picturesque location ensures quite a challenge to play here. The undulating terrain, dense forests, and serene lakes make playing at Aamby Valley a memorable experience for every golfer. Conceived, designed, and rendered by the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland, the emerald turf is a great addition to the beauty of Aamby Valley City. It has hosted several international tournaments, including the Indian Open and the Hero Indian Open.

If you love golfing, you must pay a visit to these cities and try your skills on these differing terrains. For an all-inclusive golfing vacation, don’t forget to check Jaypee Greens, among the premium golf courses in Noida.

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