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At Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, what you get is an array of services and treatments that are both holistic and spiritual. A refreshed mind and body can really do wonders for your spirit and that is exactly how you will end up feeling.


Modern lifestyle and those that are living it are extremely familiar with the “S” word. For the uninitiated, it’s “stress” that we are talking about. The pressures of everyday life, be it for work, for family or any other aspect, can take a massive toll on ones’ body as well as mind.

There is a reason why most health professionals consider stress to be the most critical reason for a number of ailments. Understanding and knowing this however is not rocket science. In fact this does not even require a shout-out. What’s important is the solution that we at Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort are offering for it.

After the five-day week full of running around and chaos, we want you to come and join us at our resort and avail some of the best spa packages that will help alleviate all fatigue.

Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort is home to the FIRST EVER Six Senses Spa in India. A unit of the renowned Six Sense Spa chain (Thailand), the unit is equipped with the latest in technology and with highly skilled staff administering the therapies, the experience is truly rejuvenating.

An excellent way to pamper yourself, come and indulge in the signature massages on offer, 50 minutes each during the stay where you get to choose from holistic, detox, energizer and oriental.

Detox is an 80 minute stimulating massage that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by the sue of toning and firming oils.

Energizer, as the name suggests is a complete uplifting upper body massage that helps to get rid of muscle tension.

Holistic uses long and flowing movements are the USP of this therapy and the result is a deeply relaxed mind and body.

Oriental is an excellent full body massage where acupressure and stretching techniques are used to relive stress and revive the body.

At Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, what you get is an array of services and treatments that are both holistic and spiritual. A refreshed mind and body can really do wonders for your spirit and that is exactly how you will end up feeling.

The price is the best possible value for money where you get to use the sauna, steam, fitness-centers, theaerobics pool, experiential showers and participate in a number of fitness activities. Sounds like fun? There’s more-

We have actually planned the days for you and laid them out in a way where you will be living every moment to the fullest and literally so.

You check in on Day 1 and spend most of the day relaxing. Day 2 starts with buffet breakfast and then the wellness activities kick in. Play with the kids, have a great lunch followed by pool activities. Day 3 also starts with breakfast which can them be taken care of by the wellness activities. Post this, you can indulge in a great lunch and then check out ensues.

To top this, the fitness and yoga activities are the cherry on the cake. We’ve got:

• Ashtanga Yoga- Using the eight limb system this spiritual practice is 5000 years old and brings strength, endurance and flexibility to the body, while relaxing the mind.

• Boot Camp- Like the name suggests Boot camp is hardcore and designed to push the participants by combining traditional calisthenics and body weight exercise with interval strength training.

• Circuit Training- Short but super effective workout the combines weight training and resistance for weight loss and muscle gain.

• Core Training- This one focuses on strengthening and developing the core which is critical to better posture, more control, better balance and performance, assists with rehabilitation and generally protects the lower back area.

• Hatha Yoga- Comes with lots of benefits such as strength and endurance building, better circulation, increased energy and cleansing of organs. This form combines static and classic yoga poses.

• Mantra Yoga – Mantra as the name suggests helps enter a state or trance and higher consciousness by repetitive chanting of sacred sounds.

• LBT (leg, bum, thighs)- This one is a super intense workout to target the mentioned body parts and fight stubborn fat that is otherwise hard to budge.

Now if that isn’t a list to choose from then we don’t know what is. The idea of the holistic package is create two to three days of refreshing and rejuvenating holiday that combines activity, fitness, food as well as relaxation.  Come and revive your senses as all of this together makes for an irresistible combination.

All we are saying is- book now and don’t miss out! Enjoy a great weekend with us and we will have you come back for more.

The price on offer is:

Residential Packages –2 Nights /3 Days

Deluxe Room (Landscape View): @Rs. 29999 AI (for a Couple/Double room)

Deluxe Room (Golf View): @Rs. 30999 AI (for a Couple/Double room)

Note –

Ø Children up to 05 years allowed Free of Cost without extra bed.

Ø Extra occupant (Maximum one per room up to 12 years) would be charged Rs 3000 AI per night with mattress in the room.

Ø Extra adult above 12 years of age would be charged Rs 4500 AI per night with mattress in the room

Ø Extra occupant price includes brunch and activities.

Terms & Conditions –

ü Child 12 yrs. & above will be treated as an adult.

ü Rates/Tariffs are subject to change as per management’s discretion.

ü Extra Bed Charges are Per Person per night.

ü Full, Non-Refundable advance to be deposited to confirm the booking.

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