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Spa at Jaypee Palace, Agra


A flowering tree, an altar, incarnation, all these meanings of Tamaya together, represent the essence of life. Jaypee Palace Hotel, Agra takes pride in announcing the launch of Tamaya- Spa, Salon and Wellness Centre is association with Seven Seas Spa,an elite spa care line with proven expertise.
Savour complete body, beauty and hair care programs based on traditional Ayurvedic, Western and Holistic therapies at Tamaya. The healing stones, essential oils, music, ambience and touch therapies weave their magic around your senses, as it evolves into deep and meaningful experiences. With customized treatment regimes for individual requirements, open up to the enchanting world of Tamaya as our specialists don the mantle of providing you with the best of personalized health and lifestyle consultation.

Dedicated to the finest natural therapies and cutting-edge expertise, Seven Seas boasts of highly trained therapists from around the world with every therapy boasting of a history, an origin and a reason. The concept comes from the family of Sansha Spas – longest of spas in hotels and resorts in India.

Regardless of what you bring here, we are confident that you will be inspired and empowered.

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