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5 Reasons to Organise a Winter Wedding

by jaypee_moderator   ·  3 years ago   ·  
5 Reasons to Organise a Winter Wedding
Organise a Winter Wedding

The foremost decision of fixing an Indian wedding is whether it will happen in summers or winters. Yes, the most fun part of the wedding involves choosing location, venues, season, guests etc. Summer or winter, both weddings have their own charm and excitement. While summer weddings are stunning, the sweltering heat could make a mess of a bride’s make-up or hairstyle. They can also be tedious in setting up various arrangements and needs for the guests.

Thus, being a winter bride or groom could be the best decision for most people. Let’s warm to some of the winter wedding advantages. From less stress over the weather to better venue decorations, let’s get over to see some more advantages of getting married in the winter season.

  • Less Stress of Venues: Winter weddings take away a lot of stress of finalising venues as they discard the risks of rain and wind during that time. It is advisable to have indoor weddings during this time as this way they can be better organised and planned as per the wedding requirements. Also, the guests and vendors will not be exposed to heat and cold of all outdoor weddings.
  • Organise a Mix of Indoor and Outdoor Events: Winter weddings give you the freedom of choosing various types of locations for your events. Winter sun is welcoming and enjoyable to all, unlike the summer sun, and thus calls in for different venues for different events. This classifies the variedness in people’s experience and pictures.
  • No Humidity: Summers in India calls in for humidity and sweat. Planning a winter wedding will solve this problem, and the guests will thank you for doing so.
  • Better Decorations: Winter is the season for fresh and various varieties of flowers. The easy availability of them makes it easy for the wedding planner and vendors to have cost-effective and mind-blowing decorations. Winters also keep up the freshness and charm of all the decorations being done.
  • The Wedding Fatigue is Manageable: The summers and monsoon weddings take a great toll on people, in terms of fatigue and tiredness. Winters takes away that fatigue and makes all the events more enjoyable and fun.
  • Better Photographs: Winter makes everything looks different and fresh. Even your pictures tend to look extremely beautiful and natural.

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