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7 Extra Necessities You Need To Budget For In A COVID19 Wedding

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7 Extra Necessities You Need To Budget For In A COVID19 Wedding
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Every couple has a different set of expectations and planning associated with their impending wedding. They look out for various outlooks and different choices to formulate a memorable wedding for themselves and for their guests. But with the COVID19 situation dominant all across the globe, the definition of weddings has changed for the better. The pandemic has forced the planners and the host to see it as the most intimate affair of a couple’s life, with a limited set of guests and arrangements in place.

With so many precautions and checks in place, planning a wedding budget can be a tedious task with lots of stress involved. With a pandemic wedding, it’s imperative to know about the things that involve budgeting. One can always have a wedding of their dreams with a few minor adjustments in the list of expenses.

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Masks are one of the most crucial additions and requirement in a COVID19 wedding. The hosts cannot be dependent on the guests to carry their masks at all times and need to involve this in the list of expenses. This is an important way of keeping the guests safe, even if one is celebrating the functions outdoors or enforcing social distancing. It’s up to the hosts whether to provide masks for all of the guests or just the family/wedding party, but either way, it’s smart to have a handful of extras ready to go for anyone who needs them. To make it more fun, you can introduce matching masks for the bride side and in different colour for the groom side.


This is another top COVID19 wedding expense required to be prioritised. There are numerous creative ways of incorporating hand sanitizers into the celebrations and set up sanitizer stations throughout the venue. You can also include the bottle of sanitizers in the welcome kit for the guests. There are many bride and groom who are working with fragrance manufacturers to create a sanitizer with specific fragrance which embodies the personality of the bride and groom. Such a creative way to include this little necessity in your wedding.

Social Distancing Signage

With the help and support of the wedding venue staff, one can incorporate creative and decorative social distancing signage at different locations. These could be an efficient way to remind guests of wearing the masks, social distancing norms, hand-washing stations, or share gratitude for all the guests for their attendance. You might also have to include the costs of incorporating plexi-glass in between the tables or sitting arrangements to make sure that only love and happiness is passed amongst the guests.

Extra Serving & Wait Staff

To follow the social distancing rules properly and keeping the guests at the wedding safe, a lot of couples are now opting for a sit-down lunch or dinner to celebrate the festivities, instead of just going along with a buffet. If you are opting for a sit-down meal, you might have to include the expenses of extra serving and waiting staff which you could’ve done away with in the case of buffet meal.

Streaming Equipment

The pandemic has forced us to create more intimate celebrations by shortening our guest list. But you would still love for all of our loved ones to be able to witness the nuptial, right? Well, technology has made it quite possible. Along with the venue manager and wedding planner, you can setup live streaming equipment through which many of your friends and family who couldn’t be included in the guest list could be a part of the big day.

Pre-wedding Goodies

Pre-wedding or personalised goodies could be a great way of making social distancing at the wedding at all times. Sharing stuff can be dangerous for all during these COVID19 times, and including items and stuff in these goodies’ bags can help make guests feel special and safe during the wedding.

Wedding Planner

The stress of organising the wedding or navigating the local COVID regulations may be overwhelming for the people, and it could be a struggle in all their wedding festivities and celebrations. The pandemic has definitely increased the work, anxiety and planning for the hosts and guests involved in a wedding. These things can be easily managed and sorted with the help of a wedding planner. They can coordinate and enforce various safety practices amongst the guests throughout the wedding, amongst other things.

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Your Ideal COVID19 Wedding Venue in Delhi-NCR

For all the people in Delhi/NCR, Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort in Greater Noida can be an ideal location to plan a wedding for you and your family. We are the best 5-star resort that comes to the rescue when one needs a safe and memorable wedding with all the necessary safety precautions.

The guidelines that we have implemented at our resort to make sure that you have a worry-free celebration are:

  • Thermal screening at the main entrance
  • Mandatory Aarogya setu app with green signal
  • Facility for contact-less check-ins
  • The practice of digital transactions throughout the hotel
  • Strict hygiene guidelines are in place
  • Social distancing factored for seating and service processes
  • Thoroughly sanitized rooms
  • Cleaning and sanitization of the kitchen/restaurants done as per FSSAI regulations and standards

Lavish accommodation, curated international menus, delectable Indian cuisines, various recreational activities, a luxurious spa, and spacious and modern banquet halls are some of the facilities one must surely take into account while selecting a wedding venue in Delhi/NCR. Our hotel also offers exciting hotel wedding packages in Noida.

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