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A Non-Expert Guide to Destination Weddings

by jaypee_moderator   ·  4 years ago   ·  
A Non-Expert Guide to Destination Weddings
Guide to Destination Weddings

Weddings are an undefeatable feat in India. Be it any season or reason, weddings are always one of the best sources to bring in unmatched joy, togetherness, happiness, ceremonies, rituals etc., all at one place. With the progression of time and trends, destination weddings have largely taken over the wedding scenes. A destination wedding is a wedding that is held in a setting/place away from your hometown. It is an opportunity for the couple and the guests to explore a new location along with merriment, rituals and lots of memories.

Where to Have a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can be as per your liking and choices in all aspects. Every ceremony can be arranged to suit your taste and requirement. It can be arranged anywhere in the world, depending upon the laws and abiding rules. Mountains, beaches, cities, country-side etc. are many options where one can plan an enjoyable and lavish wedding. Few things that one needs to keep in mind are:

  • Location: The city/country you want to have your wedding. This is the foremost step before any wedding preparation.
  • Venue: The places you want to plan your wedding and events. After deciding the location, it’s important to decide the venue/venues as per your choices and comfort and book them. Early and timely booking will relieve you from any stress later on.
  • Accommodation: Destination weddings means comfortable accommodation for a few days. It is convenient and more enjoyable if the venue and accommodation are at the same place. It saves money and time on commutation and travelling.
  • Commutation: This is very important to plan commutation way ahead when you are considering a huge number of guests. Daily commutation, along with event commutation, is all the host has to consider beforehand in order to have all the functions being run smoothly.

Number of Guests

A destination wedding is not for everyone. Limited number of guests forms the core of a successful destination wedding. Couples who feel that there are a lot of important people who will not be able to make to the destination wedding, then this is not the answer for them.

Wedding Packages

Weddings involve a huge amount of investments and expenditures. Therefore, people should always go to places and venues offering nice wedding packages and discounts. This not only saves cost but also involves a lot of convenience and ease in planning a whole plethora of events. Check the websites and also talk to the resorts/hotels for available wedding packages. If you are getting a customised wedding package in your favourite destination, nothing better than that.

Food & Beverages

No wedding is complete or memorable without the highest dose of delicious cuisines and menus. It forms the core of all events and ceremonies. As destination weddings get increasingly creative, the theme and a delectable spread of food form the base of a successful wedding. With resorts involving personalised and unique menus as per the hosts’ preferences, one can play with umpteen choices, catering to one budget and needs.


One cannot resist or let go of the decoration part of their wedding. This clearly proclaims the tone of the entire wedding and events. What one needs to look out for an ideal setup is:

  • Theme: Clearly a decider of various colours, props and lightings
  • Budget: Destination wedding in itself involves a lot of money and expenditures.

Therefore, one needs to decide the budget on every factor, to save extra or unnecessary costs.

  • Season: Every season involves different decorations and colours. Like summer decoration is more of subtle colours and cool setup while winters involve more of pop-of-colours and sunlight setups.
  • Indoor or Outdoor venue: Decoration should not be ruined with rains or storms. Therefore, one should decide the location of the venues as per the season and unavoidable natural factors.

Keeping all the above pointers in mind, there are few nice locations for destination weddings near Delhi. Jaypee Hotels, with its strong presence in Agra and Mussoorie, is an ideal choice for destination weddings near Delhi, taking care of all the important and crucial aspects of a wedding. Jaypee Hotels is synonymous with luxury and grandness. We are one of the best 5-star hotels in and near Delhi with a few of the best luxurious destination wedding venues. All of our venues speak volumes about our courteous and hospitable staff, a delectable spread of cuisines and umpteen wedding packages. The choices of decoration, along with your touches and customisation, will make each wedding the most memorable experience of your life.

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