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4 Steps to Match Your Wedding Theme with Your Venue

by jaypee_moderator   ·  2 years ago   ·  

Your wedding colours, theme and décor must correspond with the location, style of venue and its features. The complete sync of all these variants makes a wedding success and a memorable event to remember. The first step in planning a wedding reception is choosing a venue, complementing with the kind of wedding in your mind. The next step is to then start working for the perfect decoration scheme. One should never plan a wedding decoration without finalising the wedding venue and location. Let’s have a look at some of the basic steps to match the wedding theme with the venue.

  • Time of the Wedding: The time of the wedding reception holds great importance in forming the sync between the venue and the wedding theme. A venue and decoration should be chosen, keeping in mind the time of the day.
  • Choice of the Colour Palette: Depending upon the time of the wedding celebration, inspect your wedding venue and note down which colours you need to work with. Your wedding colour palette should complement the space. And so, one should choose shades that will blend nicely or make a nice contrast. If you opted for an outdoor venue, then the colours should complement the natural setting.
  • Define Your Theme: The venue should inspire you to further define your wedding theme, and one should try to make it more personal and stylish. Depending upon the venue, one should have the décor items and décor additions.
  • Make the Most of the Venue Features: Have your theme or decoration in a way that they implement and enhance the elements of the venue. Each wedding venue has its own specific features, and you should find a way to accentuate the ones you like the most. Some venues are so beautiful and elaborate that you only need a few touches to make them look festive, while others need more enhancements and additions to be transformed to look completely different. So, make sure to explore all the options before you start decorating the venue.

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